Truth About Short Haired Golden Retrievers 2023

Short haired golden retrievers are popular among dog lovers. Most people are familiar with the golden retriever breed and it is one of the most famous dog breeds worldwide. This article will help you better understand everything you need to know about the Golden retriever short coat.

Golden retrievers can be seen in all shades of golden color, starting from cream color to dark golden. Their size can be 20-22 inches and they weigh 65-75 pounds. They are very loveable, playful, eager to please, and intelligent.

The fact about all retriever breeds, whether they are short haired golden retrievers or not, is that they are all intelligent. Golden retrievers are very versatile, and they are not stubborn, like other hunting breeds. These qualities make them an excellent choice for being family pets, service dogs for the disabled, and search and rescue dogs.

Are Short Haired Golden Retrievers a Separate Breed?

Many people wonder if there is such a breed as short haired golden retrievers. Well, there is no such breed as short haired golden retrievers. Some golden retrievers have shorter hair than others, but that does not make them a separate breed.

The short haired golden retriever has caught the attention of many people but the truth is that there’s no distinct breed like the short haired golden retriever. However, there are some possibilities of you finding a golden retriever with short hair due to genetics, crossbreeding, or misidentification. Let me elaborate two of the common reasons of coming across a short haired golden retriever.

Field Golden Retrievers

Field golden retrievers are somehow short haired golden retrievers. Field golden retrievers usually have shorter coats. They are bred for hunting and working in the fields for most time of the day. So, they need a great amount of time in open areas, especially fields.

Due to their shorter coat, they are easy to give baths, and dirt can be removed easily from their hair. If you want a field retriever as a pet, you need to provide them with more outdoor time.


Cross breeding specific breeds can result in short haired golden retrievers. Labradors are commonly bred with Golden retrievers due to their apparent similarities. Other breeds like Chesapeake Bay retrievers and flat-coated retrievers are often crossbred to achieve shorter hair coats.

History of Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers were bred by British and Scottish lords who wanted to use them for hunting. All retrievers were originally bred to retrieve prey, most often birds, and return it to the hunter without damage. All golden retrievers have gentle mouths because they were often retrieving birds such as ducks. 

They are the crossbreed of tweed water spaniels and yellow flat-coated retrievers. You can still find yellow flat-coated retrievers, but the water spaniels have gone extinct. They were not recognized as a breed before 1925. The American kennel club recognized this breed in 1925 in the United States.

Later on, in 1938, the golden retriever club of America was founded. Golden retrievers became especially popular in the United States in the 1970s because of President Gerald Ford’s dog Liberty. Golden retrievers are now among the most popular dog breeds all over the world.

3 golden retrievers sitting on grass looking the other way

Types of Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers have 3 different types, and here we will explain some features so you can distinguish between them.

1- American Golden Retrievers

The unique feature that is seen in American golden retrievers is their coat. The color of their coat is slightly darker than that of others. Apart from that, their coat is denser, longer, and has more waves. They also have more feathering under the chest and neck regions. Their coat is also known to be more water-repellent. They have light-colored eyes with almond shapes.

2- British golden retrievers

British golden retrievers are lighter in color. They are sometimes seen in cream color. They are actually muscular and heavier than the other types, but they are a little shorter in height. They have cute large round eyes.

3- Canadian Golden Retrievers

Canadian golden retrievers’ coat is comparatively darker, shorter, and thinner. They have a lighter feathering around their chest and neck regions. Their color varies from dark to light golden.

If you want a comparatively short haired golden retriever, you should get a Canadian golden retriever. They have tapered eyes and broadheads. Canadian golden retrievers are bigger in size than other types. Watch this video to know more about these breed;

How to Keep Short Haired Golden Retrievers Healthy?

A healthy diet and adequate exercise are keys to the long healthy life of your Short Coat Golden Retriever. It would help if you took your dog for a regular walk in the park. They are the best swimmers. They love to play fetch games in a swimming pool or lake. They are best friends not only with humans but also with other dogs or cats. They are all working-class, which means they require daily exercise to remain healthy and happy.

Since a Short coat golden retriever has a lot of energy, it would be fun to play and exercise with them. They tend to tolerate warmer weather more comfortably than their long-haired counterparts. Golden retriever short coat helps them stay cooler, making them a practical choice for families living in regions with hot, humid summers. This adaptability ensures they can participate in outdoor activities year-round without overheating.

Apart from physical health, you should take care of your dog’s mental health as well. You can provide some toys that keep them entertained and provide mental stimulation.

Diet of Short Haired Golden Retriever

Your short haired golden retriever’s diet depends on his size, age, metabolism, and activity level. You need to feed them on time as golden retrievers are energetic and big in size. It would be best to feed them two to three cups of dry food, twice or thrice a day. You must feed them nutritious food to keep them healthy. You should see your vet to make a chart about their diet plan. To know more about best dog food types, you should check out the detailed article about it on the Diet and Nutrition page of our website. 

Grooming of Short Haired Golden Retrievers

Grooming requirements of a short coated goldie’s are no different from any other dog having a similar coat. But to make sure you find all the information in this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you take better care of your dog’s coat.

Below are some tips on taking care of the Golden retriever short coat:

  • You should not shave the upper coat of your dog to achieve a short coated golden retriever. Their double fur has huge importance in regulating their body temperature in summers as well as winters. 
  • You can take your golden retriever to a groomer for hair trimming but never shave all his hair off. 
  • Sometimes the non-fluffy Golden retriever may be suffering from health issues that directly impact his coat health.
  • You will need to take care of their diet as almost 80% of their coat is made up of protein.  
  • Golden retrievers shed their hair naturally. Brushing the coat regularly will get rid of extra hair. Brushing will also remove dead cells and debris from the coat.
  • Use good shampoo for your Goldie friend and bathe him regularly. 
  • Routine bathing, grooming, and proper nutrition will keep your Goldie’s hair shiny, smooth, and healthy irrespective of whether you own a short-haired golden retriever or not.

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Short haired golden retrievers are popular but uncommon.  The coat length is determined by genetics only, and no such breed as short haired golden retrievers exists. However, you can find golden retrievers having shorter hair. The possibilities by which golden retrievers may have short hair are cross-breeding and having a field golden retriever. 

 To conclude, if you are going to get a golden retriever, you should not only focus on getting the short-haired one but also look for a healthy dog. Never buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, puppy mill, or pet store. Because the puppy may contain some genetic disorder or some allergies, or they may have a bad temperament.

Are there golden retrievers with short hair?

While short-haired Golden Retrievers are rare, they do exist due to genetic variations. These short-haired Goldens have a sleek coat, which distinguishes them from the more common long-haired variety of the breed.

How to tell if your Golden Retriever will have long or short hair?

You can’t predict if a Golden Retriever will have long or short hair; it’s genetically determined. Most Golden Retrievers have the traditional long, wavy coat, but occasionally, a short-haired variant may occur in a litter due to recessive genes.

Why not to cut Golden Retriever hair?

Cutting a Golden Retriever’s hair can disrupt their natural insulation, potentially leading to temperature regulation issues. It may also affect their water resistance and increase their vulnerability to sunburn and skin problems.

Why my Golden Retriever puppy has short hair?

Golden Retriever puppies often have shorter, fluffier coats that gradually grow longer and thicker as they mature, typically reaching their full length at around 1-2 years old. This change in coat texture and length is a natural part of their development.