Why Are Golden Retrievers Great Family Dogs?

If you are a dog owner, you know it’s a difficult decision to choose the right breed because every dog is unique and possesses different characteristics. When selecting a dog, you have to consider the safety of your family and children. In this article, we will talk about a friendly and kind-natured dog breed i.e., Golden retriever.

We’ll discuss why are golden retrievers great family dogs. But before that, let’s talk about their history and general characteristics.

The name golden retriever comes from their glassy golden-colored coat which is the best characteristic of them. The breed golden retriever originated in Scotland in the 19th century.

The average height of female dogs of golden retrievers is 22 to 23 inches and their weight is about 65 pounds. On the other side, males reach a height of 23 to 24 inches and weigh 65 to 75 pounds. Now it depends on you which size of dog you are interested in. You have to keep in mind that if you buy a large size dog then it can be a little bit expensive and have more expenditures like; needing large space, higher feeding costs, and some health issues.

Golden retrievers are very friendly in nature and adjust themselves in any environment very easily.

7 Reasons why are golden retrievers great family dogs?

No doubt golden retrievers are good for adapting to your family. There are a lot of features that support this statement. Here are some points

  1. Golden retrievers are friendly and kind in nature. They are so calm and kind to the children and other humans.
  2. They proved themselves loyal to families who took care of them. They did not harm people who loved and cared for them.
  3. You can easily train them because they are highly intelligent and no extra effort is required to train them.
  4. They do not have expensive expenditures like grooming, health, and food.
  5. Golden retrievers are very versatile in nature, they are so active and sharp-minded dogs. They remember and understand things easily.
  6. They can provide support to disabled persons, and rescue you in an emergency.
  7. They are present in various types of shades of gold from light to dark.


If you are looking for a safe and secure addition to your home then golden retrievers are the option to choose. You can easily train them, no extra trainer is required to train them. They are very kind to the kids so you don’t have to worry about the security of your kids because they do not harm them. Children can easily learn to interact and be comfortable playing with them. They can easily adjust to any environment and easily bond with humans.

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Why is Golden Retriever the best family dog?

Golden Retrievers are very kind and loving in nature. They are very active and less amount of effort is required to train them. They love the person who shows care and affection to them.

What are the features of golden retrievers that make them better than other dogs?

The intelligence level and high energy level of golden retrievers make them better than other dogs. They become easily attached to the human because of their loving nature.

Are children comfortable and safe with a Golden Retriever dog?

Yes, children are safe with Golden Retriever dogs because do not harm those who give love and care to them.

What is the average life span of Golden Retriever dogs?

The average life span of Golden Retriever dogs is about 10 to 12 years but due to unhygienic conditions and poor nutritional levels, they can develop many health issues.

What is the price of a Golden Retriever dog?

The price of Golden Retriever dogs varies from age and country to country. But if you are living in the USA then you have an average cost of about $3,500.

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