Why Do Puppies Bite? How To Stop a Puppy from Biting?

Humans are mostly afraid of dogs’ biting habits, and they mostly think it’s just because the dog wants to harm them, and the next that clicks to there is how to stop a puppy from biting? But most of the time, dogs bite humans without having any cruel intention towards human beings. It is very necessary to know that why puppies bite. If we have complete knowledge about puppies’ psychology and why they bite, we can easily know how to train a puppy and how to stop a puppy from biting.

Being human, it is we believe that any living species develop habits from their environment. We can say that environment has a great effect on habits. We can train any animal as we dream. Still, it requires attention, patience, time, and, most importantly, love for animals, Just, like a juggler having a training monkey pick up the facial gestures and the monkey perform accordingly. The case of puppies is not more different than this. It will be easy to answer the question “how to stop a puppy from biting or how can train the puppy to stop biting if we know what triggers them to bite.

Why Do Puppies Bite?

Some of the most compelling reasons that urge puppies to bite are given below:

1. Curious Puppies want to touch everything

It’s not rare for the dogs to touch the furniture, jump through the walls, lean into their owner’s legs, chew on plastic and toys. Biting different things is a unique way to learn and feel everything in the canine family, and “Mouthy breeds” like Retriever are well known for their chewing habit.

how to stop a puppy from biting?

Puppies want to touch the hardness and softness of everything because of their curious nature. Puppies feel the physical touch of the thing by their foot and mouth. When we blame the poor puppies for biting, they are just busy discovering the new physical touch of the things with a different texture. Due to this physical touch, the puppy prints their foot sign on walls. Everything around the puppy is the target for the puppies to feel their physical touch. If the thing around puppies is small puppy well, they’ll never mind chewing them. If these things are bigger, the puppy will touch them by leaving their footprints here and there.

2. Cutting irritation:

Puppies sometimes feel irritated when they cut things, which triggers them to bite other textures to curb irritation and feel relaxed.

3. Teething process:

The eruption of incisors and premolar teeth in dogs is very irritating for puppies, so they bite and chew different things to relax, just like toddlers do.

How to Stop a Puppy from Biting? Handy tricks

1. Allow Puppies to Hang out With their Family:

It’s natural for animals to enjoy when they are in their family. When puppies are with their family, especially brothers and sisters of the same age, they play with each other. While playing, they bite each other. When they bite each other, they feel pain. And the puppies feel for their brother and sister pains too. So, they ultimately realize that it is painful for others, and they ultimately stop biting.

2: Loneliness is Not a Good Sign:

Research discloses that the puppies that can’t get much time to hang out with their owners are more susceptible to boredom and stress, leading them to chew different things to kill time. Your puppy can stop biting if you are generous and kind enough to spend your precious time with your canine friend.

3. Handy Chew Toys

When you enter your home, your puppy will come toward you, smell your hand, and show their love and bite on your hand. You should have some chewing toys with you to hand over to the puppy to chew that toy. If the puppy chews a toy continuously, the bite will be softer and softer gradually. So, in this way, chewing will become a habit, but it will be softer. It will help your puppy to stop biting in a harmful way and you’ll be able to inform others how to stop a puppy from biting.

Amazing tricks to stop puppy from bite


If you are a puppy lover then learn this Mantra NO, NO, AA, AA, OCH. This mantra will help you to train your puppy. When your puppy bites you, stop it gently with the word NO/ aa-aa. If your puppy bites, then you must realize it that is hurting you. The moment you utter the word Ochhhhhh will show the real pain voice to realize your puppy that you hurt me. With time, your puppy will learn the meaning of this word. As puppies are very loyal to their owners, they’ll never like to hurt their owners and will ultimately spot biting.

5-Drain their Super Energy

Puppies love their owners a lot, and they always try to spend time with their owners. So, when you are jogging, or in the morning walk, or spending your free time in a ground. Then that time also plays with your puppy and runs with your dog. Or throw the ball and give your puppy a command to catch the ball. Playing with you will drain a lot of its energy. When the puppy will be exhausted, it will sleep deeply and not get free time for biting. The bottom line is it’s necessary to drain the energy. Otherwise, they’ll utilize their surplus energy in biting. And drain dogs energy will finish your curiosity to know how to stop a puppy from biting.

how to stop a puppy from biting

6-Showing Gentle and Fast Movements

Luckily, dogs are the most gentle pets that understand every second behavior of human beings. Just pulling a long face whenever your dog starts biting your legs or arms is enough to warn the puppy that this behavior is not acceptable. So, the dog will stop biting, Obviously, it will never like to offend its beloved owner. Similarly, moving away from the dogs as soon as they bite can urge dogs to stop biting.

7-Develop ‘Acquired Bite Inhibition’

First trick:

As soon as your dog starts biting, say Ochhh out loud, and it’s time to pull your hand back, but don’t jerk your hand back when your dog is smelling it.

This strategy will help puppy bites go softer and softer over time. Also, make sure to cry out even if they bite your clothes or hair. Eventually, it will understand to be gentle with all these.

2nd trick

When the puppy bitting gets too intense. Just stand up and leave. Ignore your puppy for 30-60 seconds and try playing with them again. Remember not to order your puppy to get out in time because it is not good to punish. Puppy biting and nipping are natural and necessary. You have got an opportunity to nurture a decent future dog with consistency and appropriate praise, and there will be a time when dog biting will be converted into a soft mouthing.

If you are too frustrated with your puppy jumping on you, then we have got two simple, easy tricks to start.


Use any chew treat like bacon because it has a really strong enticing smell or any toy for this strategy. The moment your dog starts nipping or biting, re-direct them from biting your skin toward the chew treat or a toy in your hand. Also, when they are distracted with a toy in their hand, cuddle or pat it to soothe. So that in the future, if randomly your babies grab a puppy’s tail or touch your puppy, it will be comfortable with it. Try these simple tricks to spot biting in puppies.

2-Show Your Love

Tell your puppy that you love it. When you come home, your puppy needs face-to-face interaction, and it does not care for your phone; it just needs your attention. Your attention will keep the dog busy, and it’ll not pounce on different things to bite.


Use some unpleasant things or toys that that stink. Spraying a stinky spray on the things that dog bites most likely can stop biting in dogs.


It’s not always vicious for the dogs to bite. So, avoid tagging them as bad dogs as soon as you see a dog biting something. You don’t know the dogs’ secret; it’s not always mean that dogs bite to hurt humans. There could be many reasons behind it, including their curious nature, teething process, or boredom. You can train your dog to stop biting and live an honorable life to eliminate their irksome nature of biting by know following the tricks of how to stop a puppy from biting.

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