12 DIY Dog Toys You Can Make At Home

Among the many duties a paw parent has to do while raising a dog is keeping him entertained and stimulated. This is why they flood pet stores looking for new toys to take to their furry friends every now and then. Just like Nerf dog Tennis Ball gun , the DIY dog toys can be very helpful because buying other commercial toys can be expensive and exhausting, especially if your dog chews and destroys them within a short period.

DIY toys can be of great help in that they are cheap and will serve the same purpose as commercial toys. You have to be a little creative so that your dog will not get bored by the same toy every day. DIY toys also help you to make good use of the old items in your home.

It is important to note that even if DIY toys are made of old clothes like socks and jeans, you should not use the ones that you have already worn. This is because you will be encouraging your dog to chew your other clothes whenever he gets a chance. Before making a DIY toy with your old clothes, ensure that they are soaked and cleaned thoroughly to remove your smell.

Below is a list of do-it-yourself DIY dog toys that will save your money and have your dog wagging his tail in excitement.

 Rope Ball Surprise DIY Dog Toy

This toy is mostly recommended for dogs that chew and destroy even the toughest toys. You will require:

  • 105 inches of 1-inch thick cotton rope
  • Scissors or knife
  • Dog treats
  • Two twist ties.

You have to tie a monkey fist, slip a treat inside, and give it to your pooch. It will keep your dog occupied for hours before your dog finds the treat.

Ball on a Rope


  • A ball
  • A rope
  • Knife or drill

Using a drill or a knife, put holes in each side of the ball. To secure the ball in place, thread your rope through it and tie knots on both sides. Tie knots at the rope’s ends for extra grip and to prevent fraying. You’ve got yourself a fantastic tug-of-war toy that’s also great for fetch and general chewing!

Sock n’ Ball


  • A tennis ball
  • A sock

This is one of the simplest DIY toys that you will find on this list. Take your sock, put the tennis ball inside, and tie a knot above the ball.

Snack Sock


  • 2 socks
  • Dog treats

Put some treats inside a sock and make a ball. Take the second sock and ball up the first sock. This toy will challenge your dog when trying to get the treats which will be fun too.

Plait-o-war – the tug-o-war for lone woofers

This DIY dog toy is most suitable for owners who have little or no time to play with their dogs.


  • A shawl, blanket, or towel.
  • A knife or scissors.

Use a knife to cut the blanket into three equal long strips. Plait the pieces into a long rope that can be tied to a post or a tree and remain to play with. This toy helps your dog to play and be stimulated too.

The Plastic Pipe Puzzle


  • A PVC elbow pipe
  • Peanut butter treat

Take a PVC elbow pipe and smear some peanut butter inside. Ensure that the pipe has a wide opening so that the snout will not get stuck. This toy will keep your pooch busy, and their work is rewarded by the tasty treats.

Toilet Roll Puzzle


  • Toilet Roll
  • Your dog’s favorite treat

You will not be throwing away toilet rolls anymore after learning this new trick! Just take a toilet roll, fill it with your dog’s favorite treat, and fold the edges. This homemade toy is essential for keeping your dog physically and psychologically occupied.

‘Empty’ Milk Container


  • Empty milk bottle (plastic)
  • Treats

Take the empty bottle and throw away the lid. Put some treats inside the bottle and give it to your dog. Though your dog will have a hard time removing the treat from the bottle, he will be rewarded at last.

Cracking Sock


  • Empty plastic bottle
  • A sock

Take out the bottle lid and keep it out of your dog’s reach. A lid can easily be swallowed which can lead to choking. Remove all the air in the bottle and put it in a sock. Allow your dog to chew and play with it. This toy will make cracking sounds that will encourage your dog to chew more. But remember, excessive chewing can be a problem.

 Interactive Tennis Ball DIY Dog Toy


  • Old tennis ball
  • Treats

This is simple than it sounds, just cut the tennis ball a little and put the treats inside. The slit should be moderate in size so as not to pour the treats easily and in the same way not to give your dog a very hard time.

Simple Denim DIY Dog Toy


  • Denim jean

If you have denim jeans that you no longer wear, you can make them a DIY chew toy for your pooch. Cut your jeans into medium sizes, tie some knots, and give them to your dog.

Tennis Ball Muffin Tin Puzzle


  • Muffin tin
  • Tennis ball
  • Treats

If you want a homemade toy that will stimulate your dog mentally, you should not look any further.

Take a muffin tin and put some treats inside, cover them with tennis balls and give it to your dog. That simple, and you will have your tennis ball muffin puzzle.

The Empty Cereal Box Toy


  • Empty cereal box
  • Treats

Before you throw away those cereal boxes, put them to good use. Close the old boxes using tape after putting your dog’s treats inside. Smear some peanut butter inside and cut small holes in it. Your dog will have much fun and exercise while trying to get its tongue through the small openings. The smell of treats will keep your pup motivated and excited. This method, on the other hand, can get a little messy – especially if they start shredding the cardboard – so make sure you offer it to them in an area that can be cleaned easily.

Wrap Up

Now you have a list of DIY dog toys that you can make even with the cheapest materials. You can make your DIY toy even for the heavy chewers.

Remember to replace the toys when they have been overly chewed to prevent your dog from swallowing smaller pieces. Supervising your pooch whenever he is playing with a toy is advisable. We hope you will try to strengthen your bond with your dog by making DIY dog toys you just learned!