The Benefits of Living With a Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dogs among dog lovers. Many people own dogs, but not everyone has the joy of spending their days with a golden retriever. In this article, we will dig into the benefits of living with a golden retriever to decide whether this breed may be a good addition to your family.

If you’ve ever met a golden, you probably already know how amazing they are as companions and family members. Although they’re mischievous and full of energy as puppies, they grow into the most lovable animals with proper training and attention.

Benefits of Living With a Golden Retriever

They’re the Best Family Dogs

If you’ve young children and looking for a dog to welcome into your family, a golden retriever is one of the best possible options. Because of their friendly, loyal, and loving nature, golden rets love to play and cuddle with people of all ages.

Some dog breeds may harm children who get in their faces or poke and pull at them; however, goldens are extra tolerant and enjoy all the attention.

They exude a gentle spirit, making goldens an excellent choice for fragile family members. Your entire family will love welcoming a beautiful golden puppy into their lives.

Goldens Are Relatively Calm

Despite popular belief, not all big dogs are rambunctious and hyper. Although goldens still require plenty of exercises, they’re relatively calm pups as long as they receive enough physical activity. Whether you take them for a walk or let them run around the yard, they’ll likely come back inside and cuddle up for a nap as soon as you sit down.

Bonus Benefit

Goldens aren’t barky dogs—they’re playful and joyful but relatively silent unless they sense danger.

They May Improve Your Mental Health

If you struggle with depression or any other mental health concern, you may benefit from having a golden retriever in your life. It’s no secret that they live every day as if they found a pool full of treats and toys and that happiness is contagious. Also, they can sense when you’re feeling down and will often do everything they can to lift your spirits.

Seasonal depression is a real struggle for many people, but you can keep your mind busy with a few fun activities to do with your pup in the winter. If you let them, goldens will bring an abundance of positivity to your life.

Goldens Are Easy To Train

Training is one of the most dreadful parts of being a dog owner. One of the important benefits of living with a golden retriever is that it’s much easier to train a golden retriever than other breeds. Because of their high intelligence level, goldens grasp commands very quickly. With that said, your pup typically will understand a trick or order after only a few lessons. Here are some of the best tricks for the mental stimulation of your dog.

Additionally, golden retrievers will usually obey your command the first time you say it (once they understand). While training isn’t always the most fun, you can rest assured that your time and effort will pay off quickly—after all, goldens love to please their owners.

Golden retrievers are absolutely gorgeous and they hold a special place in the hearts of all dog lovers. Recently, short-haired golden retrievers were one of the most trending dogs among dog lovers. If you want to read more about short-haired golden retrievers, here you go.

Cons of Living With a Golden Retriever

It is essential for you to know the disadvantages of living with a golden retriever if you are going to get one.

  • Golden retrievers are big dogs and need a lot of food to fill their stomach. They weigh as much as 75 pounds and can even go higher if they are overfed.
  • Goldies need at least an hour of exercise and physical activity daily. If they aren’t tired enough at the end of the day, they can be restless, and hyperactive and may show other behavioral problems. If you can’t meet these exercise requirements of a goldie, you should consider your decision of getting one.
  • Golden retrievers are very social but this also puts them at a higher risk of getting separation anxiety if left alone. If you have to leave for your office daily and you plan on leaving your dog at home daily, getting a goldie might not be a good idea.
  • A couple of smaller cons of getting a golden retriever as a pet include heavy shedding and them being susceptible to certain health problems. I am not downplaying health problems here but it’s a fact that every dog breed is susceptible to some problems.

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Now that you know the cons as well as the benefits of living with a golden retriever, you may consider welcoming one of these stunning creatures into your family. Although you should expect hair everywhere and a splash zone around every water bowl, you won’t regret adopting your new best friend.