French Bulldog Puppy Guide 2022

If you’ve got a new french bulldog puppy, life will not be the same again, and we mean that in a good way! Raising a dog is both gratifying and challenging at times.

French bulldogs or Frenchies are small canines with prominent personalities and it’s very much likely that you would want to get one. If you have fallen in love with a French puppy and you are bringing one home already, you need to prepare for the puppy’s arrival ahead of time. This will help you focus on having fun together once your Frenchie is with you.


Things To Consider Before Getting a Frenchie Puppy

It would help if you did some essential preparation that is as follows:-

  1. Prepare Your House

Some individuals find nurturing a dog from birth to young as enjoyable as raising a kid. Puppies, as entertaining and lovely as they are, require the same level of care as a baby. Your house is an adventurous playground for a dog—dog-proof your pad to protect your things. This will also help you keep your dog safe.

Put away any chewable items that can be ingested—secure electrical wiring by hiding it under furniture or covering the cords. When you believe the task is over, descend to the ground yourself. Examine beneath the couches and in other areas, you wouldn’t usually look at. This may sound stupid, but it’s an intelligent approach to ensure you don’t overlook anything.

  1. Get in Contact with a Vet

Ask around to discover a local veterinarian. Look for a vet with a solid reputation who enjoys working with animals and has contemporary facilities. A competent clinic will walk you through the process of puppy vaccinations, deworming, and parasite management. It’s a great litmus test for their support and whether you can entrust your pup to them.

I would suggest you get a complete physical checkup of your dog done before you bring it to your home. This will help you ensure you are getting a healthy puppy and also ensure the safety of other pets at home.

Check the nearest emergency hospital so you know where to go if you need it. An emergency budget to pay for unexpected veterinary expenditures is a smart idea. The last point you want to consider when you have a puppy emergency is money.

  1. Things to Buy

A new dog, like a baby, comes with a wish list. The following items are required for a puppy:

  • Dog bed
  • Bowls
  • Toys
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Crate
  • Treats
  • Food
  • Collar and leash
  • Brush and comb

Temperament of a Frenchie Puppy

French Bulldogs puppies are frequently kept as pets. Like other companion dog breeds, they need frequent interaction with people. It may develop separation anxiety if left alone for some time more significant than a few hours.

As young puppies, Frenchies are full of energy. Breeds with high energy levels are eager and prepared for their next adventure. Throughout the day, they will be playing, leaping, and running. Minimal energy animals are like couch potatoes; they are content to do nothing except lounge and nap.

It would help if you always watched dogs during interactions and introductions with other dogs.

french bulldog puppy

 Diet Requirements of Puppy Frenchies

Always feed baby food to a developing puppy. Wet or dry puppy food is your personal decision, as both are appropriate meals.

You’re probably wondering how often you should feed a pup. Divide the daily meal limit into four parts and divide them throughout the day. When the puppy is three months old, reduce the number of meals to three per day. Start feeding twice a day at six months.

It is crucial to keep an eye on puppy French bulldog calorie intake and weight since obesity can harm their physical structure and place them at a higher risk of health problems.

Give your dog treats sparingly if you decide to do so. Give table scraps infrequently, if at all, and steer clear of cooked bones and fatty meals. Discover which meals fit the bill for dogs and which don’t. Know more at Best Dog Food Types.

How to Train a French Bulldog Puppy?

Your French Bulldog’s training is essential to its puppyhood since it may improve its bond with you, remove biting and damaging tendencies, and open up a line of communication.

Although French Bulldogs are brilliant dogs who can learn a variety of actions and skills, it is advisable to begin with a few training fundamentals, such as:

Potty training your french bulldog can be challenging. They are brilliant but also independent; thus, they could resist orders with a rage. Training a Frenchie will take some time and many treats, but they react well to praise and positive reinforcement for excellent conduct. Keep trying, and your little fellow will learn and change.

Grooming a French Bulldog Puppy

The short coat of the French puppy sheds very little. To keep him looking his best, brush him once a week using a standard-size brush, a leather grooming tool or mitt, or a hound glove.

To maintain the coat healthily, brushing encourages new hair development and spreads skin oils throughout the coat. The folds of a puppy’s face should be kept dry and clean. Regular nail trimming is necessary for the Frenchie since long nails can hurt him.

Frenchies are poor swimmers, they shouldn’t be allowed access to swimming pools, spas, other lakes, and rivers.

french bulldog puppy

Who is a puppy’s ideal companion in a human?

The puppy is a good pet for city people who live in moderate, dry regions. They easily fit into the confined environs characteristic of city living because of their tiny size and relatively low demand for outside activity.

They are excellent companions for both solitary people and families of all forms. A puppy Frenchie might not be the best breed for you if a bit of saliva on the furniture upsets you.

What is the cost of a French bulldog puppy?

Usually, a French Bulldog typically costs from $1,500 to $3,000. Depending on the breeder’s reputation and location, this cost may differ. Find a trustworthy breeder to ensure your puppy receives the optimum care possible.

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