Miniature French Bulldogs | Everything you need to know

If you are a French bulldog lover living in an apartment with limited space, getting a miniature French bulldog is a good option for you. Mini French bulldogs are popular among dog lovers because of their small size, beautiful eyes, and mischievous nature. They are easy to keep in small spaces and can travel along in a bag pack.

Another reason for mini French bulldogs’ popularity is that they carry the same characteristics as large-sized French bulldogs. French Bulldogs are considered to be the most adorable, charming, and aesthetic dogs around the world.

American Kennel Club (AKC) ranked French bulldogs as the 6th most popular breed in the United States in 2016. In a recent report, AKC has reported Frenchies as the second most popular dog breed in the United States.

Americans have space constraints, especially in New York City and these small cuties are easily adjusted which explains why micro French bulldogs are the most popular dogs among New Yorkers.

What are miniature French Bulldogs?

When we hear the word “mini” or “micro” it immediately clicks “small in size” in our mind. As the name shows, mini Frenchies are the shorter or compacted version of the standard French bulldog. Teacup Frenchies, micro French bulldog, Dwarf French Bulldog, Compact French Bulldog, and Petite French Bulldog are the other names given to small-sized dogs of this breed.

Teacup French Bulldogs have a heavy front muscular bone with smooth tiny hairy coats. These Frenchies have some exceptional features like a square head with a lot of wrinkles, extravagant round eyes, and erected ears like bats which give a distinct look to these dogs.

These exceptionally beautiful dogs have some cons as well. As micro French Bulldogs are smaller versions of French Bulldogs they are alike in characteristics, but this miniaturized breed has more health concerns. If you are planning on getting a miniature french bulldog, you should expect large vet bills due to their health issues.

Which Celebrities own Teacup French Bulldog?

Pocket Frenchies are popular among celebrities which include:

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Gaga, and the witty Chrissy Teigen!

Martha Stewart also has enormous love for French Bulldogs.

How are miniature French Bulldogs produced?

Although the breeding of miniature French bulldog puppies is deemed unethical by many people, some are bred by using some viable techniques. These include

  • Breeding of Dwarf Frenchie Dogs

The word “dwarfism” refers to a disorder, a skeletal malfunction that results in acute pain and issues which are related to shortness of spinal vertebrae, nodded legs, atypical skull, and facial bone structure.

In this technique, the dwarfism-altered gene is cultivated in the line of French Bulldogs. That is why it is considered unethical by many.

  • Crossbreeding with Chihuahuas

A mixture of French Bulldog with Chihuahua is a common viable method for developing French Bulldog miniature dogs.

Crossbreeding is a widespread method for the development of different lines of dogs with similar characteristics. This process continues until the breeder hasn’t developed its required muzzle, usually in the second or third generation, and in this case, it’s a short French Bulldog.

Bullhuahua is the common name used for dogs obtained from this technique and it has become extravagantly famous around the globe in the last few years.

It is a hit-and-trial method so it’s impossible to predict the physical characteristics because a different combination of genes can take place every time. Mostly the offspring carries one more character from their breeding parents.

This hybrid breed has appearance similarities with Frenchies and Chihuahuas.

Being small-sized with signature Frenchie characteristics, this breed is regarded as a Teacup French Bulldog.

It is rumored, mostly by breeders, that these are purebred even though the DNA analysis prominently depicts not being purebred.

  • Breeding the Diminutive French Bulldog

Breeding runt is not a preferable way to develop a dog with a smaller size as they are more health sensitive.

Still, dog lovers are attracted to the compacted versions of different dog breeds because they don’t require ample area and grooming.

What colors do French Bulldogs come in?

If we talk about standard french bulldogs, there are the following types of french bulldogs.

Isabella French Bulldogs

Platinum French Bulldogs

Brindle Frenchies

Lilac Frenchies

Blue Merle French bulldogs 

Blue Fawn French Bulldogs 

Piebald Frenchies

How big do full-grown Teacup/ full-grown Miniature French bulldogs get? 

As the name shows, teacup french bulldogs don’t grow much and even the full-grown micro Frenchies are around or less than a foot tall.

Height is a major defining character in the identification of a short French bulldog. If you want to get a miniature French bulldog, its height should be less than 13 inches.

Grooming and Exercise 

Miniature French Bulldogs are small and they don’t require much grooming because of short hair and less shedding. Brushing them fortnightly is sufficient to remove the loose hair.

If you have a busy schedule and don’t have much time for your pet’s exercise, getting a Teacup puppy is appropriate for you. They require almost no proper exercise. In fact, their physical activity requirements are met through routine activities.

How long do micro French Bulldogs live?

There is no doubt that standard Frenchies have longer life spans than their compacted version.

According to American Kennel Club (AKC), a standard French bulldog has a life tenure ranging from 11 to 13 years.

Micro French Bulldogs may live as long as standard-sized Frenchies depending upon their breeding history but it’s unlikely due to their health problems.

Why you shouldn’t get a Mini French Bulldog as a pet?

Just like other miniature dogs, mini french bulldogs also have some drawbacks. These include

  • They are recognized by only non-reputable organizations.
  • Being a compacted version of the standard French Bulldog, this breed has enormous health threats.
  • This breed is not a member of the toy dog group which includes Chihuahua, Maltese, Pomeranian, etc.
  • Breeding Teacup French Bulldogs is unethical and is not promoted by reputable associations.
  • These short muzzles are not concerned as pragmatic guards because of their friendly nature.

  What is the cost of a Miniature French Bulldog?

The price of a mini French bulldog is quite high because they are difficult to produce and are rare. They cost around 2000$ to 8000$ initially and then you should expect some bills from your veterinarian because micro Frenchies are not amongst the fittest of dogs.

Some dogs have defects and they may be available at cheaper prices but you should avoid those and get your puppies from trusted and reputable breeders only.

What are common health issues of Miniature Frenchies?

As already mentioned, miniature French bulldogs are more likely to suffer from health issues than standard-sized dogs. Let’s discuss some common problems faced by them.

  • Brachycephalic syndrome

This disorder is due to a shorter jaw and nose.

If you observe snoring, snuffing, and loud and hard breathing, it is a sign of airway collapsing.

Other problems associated with brachycephalic dogs include

  • Contracting of nostrils
  • Eye problems
  • Dental problems
  • Unable to Bear Harsh Environment Conditions 

These dogs are sensitive toward the environment and unable to bear extreme conditions. If you are keeping them outdoors on a hot day, it’s just like inviting trouble. Keep your Teacup Frenchie in the air-conditioned area to avoid heat exhaustion.

  • Can get Overweight Easily

Getting obese is alarming because it may lead to serious health issues. If your puppy is gaining weight, you should consult your vet regarding its diet and increase its physical activity.

Final Words

The presence of deformities and health problems in miniature Frenchies shouldn’t distract you from the fact that they are amazing dogs with enormous beauty and exceptional personalities. If you are planning on getting a micro french bulldog, get it from a reputed breeder and take good care of your miniature french bulldog.

Thank you for reading!