Different Types of French Bulldogs with Pictures

There are various color types of French bulldogs. These French bulldog colors aren’t always plain and can have markings. These markings add to the beauty of these dogs and make them unique. Due to their beauty and amazing behavioral characteristics, Frenchies are arguably the most popular dog breed in New York City.

Due to a large variety of combinations found in their colors, it is sometimes tricky to distinguish different types of French bulldogs on the basis of their color. In this article, we will share some detail about the different color types of French bulldogs and how they are different from each other.

It is noteworthy that there is little variation in the different body types of these Frenchies. So, we will focus on the color types of French bulldogs mostly.

Color Types of French Bulldogs

The French Dogs are classified into two different categories based on color distinction, and they are as follows:

  • Standard
  • Exotic

Standard colors include black, brindle, cream, fawn, or any combination of the aforementioned colors with a pied appearance.

Exotic colors on the other hand include lilac, blue, merle, Isabella, blue fawn, chocolate, or any combination of these colors with a tan appearance.

Let me elaborate pied and tan appearance for you. Pied means having one or more patches of dark color. Tan means having lighter color patches. Tan points are mostly seen near eyes, cheeks, and sometimes on the tail.

All French bulldog types have variations in patterns (brindle, piebald, and Merle) with distinct colors. Let’s briefly discuss different types of French Bulldogs and have a clear idea of color changes.

Isabella French Bulldogs

Isabella French bulldogs are also called double lilac dogs or lilac French bulldogs. These are amongst the rarest French bulldog colors and appear to be a combination of chocolate and blue.

Platinum French Bulldogs

Platinum French Bulldogs belong to the second category, i.e., exotic, and have a creamy coat color that’s the reason for being called ‘platinum.’ They may have a creamy color but they should never be confused with cream French bulldogs. There are signs of concoction on their nose and eyes, lips, and paw pads.

Cream French Bulldogs

Most French bulldog lovers are confused when distinguishing cream French bulldogs from similar-looking types of French bulldogs. The most important and distinguishing feature of cream French bulldogs is their off-white color.

This color can lead some people to confuse them with light fawn French bulldogs but if you observe keenly, you can identify them easily.

If you are confused between a white and Cream French Bulldog, you should observe the color of the coat more keenly, which is like an eggshell. The second important thing to notice is the color of their lips and eye rims.

The lips and eye rims of white French bulldogs are pink, but the Cream French bulldogs have darker lips, eye rims, and paw pads.


cream french bulldog

Blue French Bulldog

The adorable blue French Bulldog is also called Gray French Bulldog, resulting from gene infusion. The concoction of genes in chocolate (liver), black, and red coats is sometimes affected, leading to Blue French Bulldog. The coat color has vast range-from light gray to complete black.

Even though the coat’s color is changed, this breed can still be easily recognized from the color of its nose. If you wish to buy this breed, you should expect a cost of around $4000-6000$ to get a lovely blue French bulldog.

A very sought-after type of blue French bulldog is the Blue merle French bulldog.

Black French Bulldog

Finding a pure Black French Bulldog is quite tricky as they are rare, and it’s not easy to get a pure black. Genetics plays a vital role in the color of the coat.

Genes of this breed don’t have much authority in producing coat color so producing black color can be difficult and marking on the coat is inevitable. That’s why the chance of producing a pure black French bulldog is difficult.

Markings usually occur on the chest with white color.

Some people love the black color and want to buy a black Frenchie at any cost, so if you are settling a deal, you should ask for a picture to make sure that the dog you are going to adopt is pure black, as markings are inescapable.

Black and White French Bulldogs

As the name depicts, this breed has a black coat and white markings because it is always the pop of color.

Piebald is a gene that plays a significant role in controlling the white markings in dogs and other animals.

Modifier genes modify the marking’s quantity based on their presence.

The markings on Black and white French Bulldogs highly depend on the genes inherited from their parents.

There are species of Bulldog that have a specific word, i.e., “fawn,” in their name, which means that the coat’s color is uniform without any spots or markings. Still, certain areas (around the head and ears) on the body have a darker tone than the color of the coat.

Blue Fawn French Bulldog

This type of French Bulldog is often called a Blue Fawn French bulldog or Blue Fawn Frenchie.

It’s purebred and has excellent friendliness with children. Blue Fawn Bulldog can easily be trained as this breed is a quick learner.

Like other dogs, this gorgeous breed needs high grooming but doesn’t need exercise to keep it physically active.

Blue Fawn French Bulldogs have one drawback: their health problems. This breed can easily fall prey to diseases, so a lot of care is required by the owner to keep them healthy.

Blue Fawn French Bulldog has a life span of approximately 10 to 12 years.

A puppy of this breed costs around $6000-7000$.

Fawn Red French Bull Dog

Fawn Red French Bulldogs have a light-colored tan coat that ranges from pale to dark reddish. This breed has a darker face mask and some brindle steaks on the ears.

To adopt this beautiful breed, you have to spend $4000-$5000, approximately.

Chocolate & Tan French Bulldog

Despite the Chocolate and Tan color being widespread, these variations are still rare.

Piebald French Bulldog or Pied types of French Bulldog

Piebald French Bulldogs are ranked number four on the wish list of people around the globe.

Piebald Frenchies belong to exotic and are identified by darker-colored patches on specific parts and have white color usually as a base for the coat.

Another recognition of this breed is half of the body has patches or spots of white patches or different colors.

The colors are mostly seen on the dog’s head, neck, and body.

The color spots or patterns in Piebald French Bulldog also have variations. Let’s dive a little deeper and discuss some variations in piebald types of French bulldogs.

piebald or pied french bulldog


Fawn Pied French Bulldog

In this breed, the patches are blacker than the coat’s color or there is presence of fawn patches with white color.

Cream Pied French Bulldog

As the name depicts cream, this breed has cream coats with fawn spots.

Blue Pied French Bulldog

White and cream patches on the blue coat are a clear indication of being a Blue Pied Frenchie.

Brindle is usually confused with this Pied. As we already discussed, this breed has a lighter coat with dark spots or patches. But, on the contrary, Brindle has a solid-colored coat with light hair colors.

So, Pied can be said to be the exact opposite of Brindle.

Brindle French Bulldog

If you like twisted darker patterns with a lighter hair combination, you should choose a Brindle French Bulldog.

Brindle French bulldogs are known for strip patterns and are referred to as “tiger-striped”.

Let’s grasp the knowledge of color variation in these adorable and charming Frenchie dogs.


brindle french bulldog

Brindle French bulldog types include

Seal Brindle French Bulldog

Seal brindle Frenchies are confused with pure black Frenchies because of their resemblance with typical Brindle counterparts with few white hairs.

Tiger Brindle French Bulldog

As the name depicts Tiger French Brindle Bulldog is identical to tigers in terms of coat’s striped pattern. This breed has fine white hairs with a dark coat.

Chocolate Brindle French Bulldog

This breed has brown nails and a nose with blue pretty eyes. Chocolate Brindle has a mixture of milky and chocolate brown colors.


chocolate french bulldog

Reverse Brindle French Bulldog

Dark patches on white or cream coats are a clear indication of Reverse Brindle. This one is considered to be one of the rarest types of French bulldogs.

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What is the difference between Cream French bulldogs and Platinum French Bulldogs?

Platinum French Bulldogs are similar to Cream French Bulldogs. Both of these have a diluted black and dark pattern on their nose, eyes, lips, and paws. There is a minor difference between Cream and Platinum is the suffusion color on their specific body parts.

Final Verdict

Different types of French Bulldogs include

  • Isabella French bulldogs
  • Platinum French bulldogs
  • Cream French bulldogs
  • Blue French bulldogs
  • Black French bulldogs
  • Black and white French bulldogs
  • Blue fawn French bulldogs
  • Fawn red French bulldogs
  • Chocolate and tan French bulldogs
  • Piebald and pied French bulldogs

It should be noted that these types are mostly on the basis of their colors and there is no significant difference between their body types.

All types of French bulldogs are equally adorable and deserve love and affection from owners.