Yorkie Puppies: Comprehensive Guide

If you are a pet owner or not, you must have asked yourself which dog breeds are the smallest or most beautiful dog breeds in the world? Besides many other species, Yorkie is one of the smallest and most fascinating dog breeds with a majestic coat of long silky hair. Because of its majestic personality, long-floor touching silky straight coat, and toy size, you may be wondering to nurture this adorable puppy, and for that, surely, you’ll be screening about the Yorkie puppies for sale near me.

Its smooth long haircoat is soothing to cuddle, and it’s easy to fit this toy-sized dog into the lap; this is preferably why you must feel proud in owning this four-legged furry friend.

Characteristics of Yorkie Puppies For Sale Near Me:

Types of Yorkie Puppies For Sale Near Me

  1. Teacup Yorkie puppy
  2. Partie Yorkies
  3. Designer Yorkies
  4. Black Yorkies
  5. Mismarked Yorkies
  6. Biewers Yorkies


Nearly seven pounds

Life Span:

11-15 years

Coat Color:

Gold, Yellow, grey, black, silver, and blue


You may sketch Yorkie as a full of beauty four-legged pet with a glossy, thick, and silky floor touching coat of straight hair. It enlists itself in the smallest dog breeds with long beautiful hair.

Originally found in Yorkshire, England, Yorkie has soft tan and black, silver and grey, and a glossy blond coat. Because its fine silky hypoallergenic coat grows very quickly, and it’s mostly parted down the middle of the back that nearly touches the ground, but it shouldn’t cause any hindrance in its movement. So, its owners prefer to keep it a bit above the floor.



The dainty appearance of Yorkie may fool you, but actually, it’s a feisty dog that exactly fits the phrase” big attitude with a small body”. Its feisty, active, curious, intelligent, bossy, brave, and stubborn nature reminds you that you are nurturing a terrier breed.

If you don’t want to miss a chance to enjoy years of laughter, love, and joy, we recommend you to look for the Yorkie puppies for sale near me. Yorkie’s brave, intelligent and bossy personality gives you a chance to avail yourself of a full-time free watchdog.

Yorkie puppies for sale near me

Yorkie prefers to spend most of its time in the lap of its owners and feels pride in accompanying its owners. They are playful, apartment-friendly, human-friendly, outgoing, and prey-driven, and loyal terrier breeds.

Separation Anxiety:

Yorkie is well known for its attention seeker behavior; it hates to stay alone and is often prone to separation anxiety. Most Yorkies owners prefer to nurture two Yorkie dogs instead of one to accompany each other when left alone at home in the absence of their owners. That simply means you can’t leave the Yorkie alone. If you are one with a busy lifestyle, you shouldn’t bother to search for the Yorkie puppies for sale near me.


It is known as Yappy, which is notorious for barking, who may often bark whenever they investigate something suspicious and whenever someone passes by it.


Yorkshire is an independent, active and intelligent dog; it can learn to work without any human assistance. Though small, they need a high level of physical and mental activities to stimulate their body and mind. They were used as working dogs; it’s their nature to stay busy in different activities to keep their mind busy to avoid boredom. You must provide it with some toys so that it may kill its free time by playing. Yorkie was bred as a ratter and vermin breed, so it’s prey-driven.

Hypoallergenic Coat:

Apart from its bundle of beauty perks, its coat is hypoallergenic despite its floor touching hair, which makes it a suitable dog pet for allergy sufferer pet owners. You may rarely see its long hair on the bed, sofa, or carat. So, if you cannot afford the nuisance of dog hair falling here and there around you, you must search for the Yorkie puppies for sale near me.

Grooming Requirements:

Again, thanks to its low shedding coat that won’t demand hours to groom its long-haired coat. Though not much, it sheds, and this shedding of hair can easily be tackled by brushing the silky hair couple of times per day. But if you are the one that is not willing to compromise on the original look of your Yorkie’s coat, you must spend a little more time to feel proud of its original dainty look. Bathing once a week and trimming its coat per month will be enough for Yorkie.


Though small, you may not find the common submissive trait of lapdogs in Yorkshire. It’s the reverse of lapdogs, and it’s difficult to train it because of its bossy, active, curious, and independent nature. Although they are very intelligent and can work quite easily without human assistance, it’s difficult to train them compared to submissive dogs. Though tough, it’s not impossible to train the Yorkie. If you don’t have the patience to train a curious naughty dog, you are not the right owner to search for the Yorkie puppies for sale near me.

Health Issues:

Most of the health issue that this cute little pup have to suffer are:

  • Luxating patella
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Retinal dysplasia
  • Collapsed trachea
  • Liver shunt
  • Legg Perthes disease
  • Periodontal disease

Pros of Yorkie Puppy:

  • Companionship dog
  • Playful and intelligent
  • Small size and easy to carry it along with you
  • Low coat shedding and hypoallergenic
  • Independent and can work without human assistance
  • Watchdog and loyal

Cons of Yorkie Dog:

  • Notorious for baking
  • Prone to many health issues
  • It isn’t easy to take care of its long hairs
  • Curious and distractive
  • Difficult to train
  • Stubborn


The crowning glory of the Yorkie puppy is enough to beat the heart of many people, and for sure, its owners feel pride in its crowing and majestic glory. This apartment-friendly and easy to pick-up toy-sized dog breed is exactly suitable as a loyal companionship four-legged friend. Although it’s difficult to train, you can train it with patience accompanied by treats and appreciation, and you can confidently search for “Yorkie puppies for sale near me” without any second thought.

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