Cane Corso Dogs – The Popular Pets of 2023

Cane Corso dogs are large, dignified molossoid type Italian dog breed that seem like the twin of Neopolitan Mastiff. But their less bulky appearance and well-developed muscles than Mastiffs make them a little bit different. The American kennel club recognized the cane corso dog breed for the first time in 2010. Its angry and regal look may deceive you, but actually, it’s the opposite of its first impression. If you are making your mind to share your loneliness with an intelligent and brave four-legged friend, Cane Corso dog can be the right option for you. However, it’s not suitable for a family with babies and first-time pet owners.

As a cane Corso dog owner, you must be craving to grab some interesting and useful information to understand the nature of this dog, and that’ll surely help you decide whether you are a suitable candidate as a cane Corso owner or not. Let’s unfold!

Cane Corso dogs facts, personality, grooming, pros, and cons


You may know Cane Corso as a giant majestic breed with a heavy head, large oval eyes, flat cranium, and dense though the short lustrous coat. Coat color can vary, including black, fawn, and grey color. It can be brindled, and in some cases, minor markings are visible on feet, chest, and nose.


40-50 kg


58-70 cm


9 years Approximately

cane corso dog breed

Personality and uses:

When translated from its Latin origin, Corso means a protective dog. Cane Corso dog is an intelligent, independent nature and giant dog breed that protects livestock and farmhouses, guards its owners and properties, and is a suitable companion dog. Cane Corso dog can be your best friend if you are ready to train and accompany it.

Because of its large size, like many other large-sized pets, it’s not recommended to keep Corso if your family has kids and small-sized pets. And it’s not the dog’s mistake; obviously, his weight and fierce look aren’t in his control.

Corso is equally famous as the best dog for herding cattle and for hunting big games. Corso breed can be used as a game dog if it observes tranquility in front of strangers in working trials. Hunting wild boar is in their instinct. Corso was used to fighting lions, surprised? Yes, it’s right that Corso used to fight with lions years ago; although you may never see a Corso fighting with lions nowadays, you can guess its true from its high potential growling sound. Probably it’s also the reason for its ferocious appearance. After all, they still retain their instinctual appearance and personality.

Is cane corso a family-friendly dog?

It’s a matter of contemporary issue between the dog owners and the visitors. It’s of no offense if a visitor decides to call your Corso unsuitable as a family-friendly dog because of its wrinkled face with a heavy head and regal appearance. Its appearance mostly deceives others and makes it accountable to count it among the aggressive breed in their first look.

Although first-time dog owners and families with kids are not recommended to get a cane Corso dog as their pet, you can enjoy its company if you are well accustomed to other dog breeds. Cane Corso dog is not habitual of living alone, and it can give you a tough time if left alone and not entertained by a suitable human companionship.

Training the Corso dog from the very beginning is highly appreciated as it gives your dog a well-mannered and honorable look. Because of its height, aggressive appearance, independent nature, it seems a daunting task to deal with Corso. Still, overall a well-trained Corso is fiercely bent to guard their owners and is loyal towards their owners until its last breath.

You can surely take pride in your Corso when it bows in your feet with impressive weight and majestic appearance. Most Corso dog owners deny the myth that Corso is unsuitable as a family-friendly dog, and it’s not just to call Corso a cruel dog.

a dog from cane corso breed


Corso deserves the title of unique dog as it has maintained its skill and characteristics without any change for years. Cane Corso is an extremely intelligent breed and can easily grip the commands, but at the same time, it’s tough and stubborn if its trainer is not strict. So, strict and less severe regular training is a must for Cane Corso dogs, and to be lenient while training Corso dog is a big no-no.

Instead of teaching Corso the basic commands, you can give it K-9 training, although it’s not suitable for a police dog. Because of its nature to stick to the owners to protect them, they can be used as sports protection dogs. The dogs with exclusive nature to protect, support, obediency, and tracking are categorized under this dog activity. It can easily outdo high speed and tremendous energy depending on its athletic body, activeness, and strong muscles. Cane Corso is always ready to hang out with its loving and playful owners.

Grooming requirements:

Thanks to its low coat-shedding that makes it easy to groom for the pet owners, even then, grooming a couple of times per month is enough to maintain the shiny, stiffy look of your puppy. Coat polish or conditioner is highly appreciated to maintain the natural coat shine. Bathing the Cane Corso with a dog shampoo a couple of times per year is enough to prevent doggy smell. Tick and flea prevention is a must for maintaining your dog’s health. Brushing their teeth can ward off the dental issues to which they are mostly prone.

Some interesting facts about the cane Corso dog breed:

Interesting facts about Cane Corso Dogs:

  • It was used to fight lions.
  • It can easily sort out a trainer from a layman. That’s why it is very stubborn in front of new trainers.
  • Dog color can predict its lifespan; the black-colored dog has a different life span than the gray colored. Interesting!
  • The breed is almost instinct.
  • It loves to engage in tasks and activities.
  • Its athletic and regal form was once a source of inspiration for the painters.

Health issues:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye problem (ectropion/entropion and demodectic mange)
  • Bloating or gastric torsion
  • Idiopathic epilepsy
  • Red Mange
  • flatulence


  • Very loyal, energetic, and alert
  • Easy to care about and less grooming
  • Silent dog or less barking


  • It stinks because of the ear, dental, and skin problems.
  • Cane Corso’s dog is large-sized and demands high space both in house and car.
  • Can be aggressive with strangers.
  • Difficult to deal with because of its large size
  • It is banned in most countries because it is illegally involved in many fights.
  • The breed is prone to extinction.
  • Stubborn and hyperactive.
  • Exuberant jumping in young age
  • Aggressive towards other pets
  • Drooling, and loud snoring

black colored beautiful cane corso dog


Cane Corso dog breed is well suited as a guard dog and working dog. It can be the best companion choice because of its extreme loyalty and it loathes to stay away from its owners. But as it’s a large dog breed capable of frightening large animals, even lions, it can sometimes be risky to deal with these dogs, especially if you live with kids. But if you are one with a Cane Corso dog in your family and are planning to choose it as a four-legged member of your family, you must train it from a very tender age.

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