Blue Fawn French Bulldogs | Everything You Want To Know

Blue fawn French bulldogs have received much attention and affection from dog lovers lately. In fact, blue fawn Frenchies are ranked as the fourth most popular French Bulldogs globally.

There are several reasons for this popularity and the most important ones are their coat color and being low maintenance dogs. They are small and compact canines that are ideal for apartment living. Unlike other canine breeds, these hairy gremlins don’t require much activity; thus, they are a perfect match for sluggish owners.

How are Blue Fawn French Bulldogs Produced?

Blue fawn French bulldogs are difficult to produce because of the delicacies involved. They contain two “dilution” genes, one from the male parent and the other from the female parent. These genes, in simple words, dilute the black color and give a grey color to these dogs.

All physical characteristics including the coat and eye color are controlled by genes. The colors of the fawn blue French Bulldogs are a result of controlled breeding.

To produce a perfect blue fawn Frenchie, a specific combination of genes is required. The two primary pigments that define a dog’s color are black and red. Numerous genes may alter these pigments, resulting in different hues, like the blue coat color. Genes instruct cells on which stains to generate and where to make them, which is where a Frenchie’s distinct color originates from.

Physical Characteristics of Full-grown Blue Fawn French Bulldogs

Blue Fawn Frenchies have a predominantly fawn body mixed with some blue. The blue will be emphasized on the face, like a mask. The eyes of the Blue Fawn Frenchie are a blend of blue and brown. Their ears may be black with some white markings.

The hair covering a dog’s face, including the nose, the region around their eyes, and the area over their head and ears, is naturally referred to as their mask. Of all, the term “blue” does not literally mean “blue,” but rather “soft grey.”

What color is a blue fawn Frenchie?

The fawn blue French Bulldog has light brown skin and a grey muzzle over its face. They commonly have light brown, green, or blue eyes.

The color of a dog’s coat is formed by two pigments: eumelanin and pheomelanin. These dyes have a natural color, but genes can change it.

How tall are fawn blue French Bulldogs?

Fawn blue Frenchies are small in size as compared to the common breeds of dogs. They are approximately 11-13 inches in height.

How much does a blue fawn French bull dog weigh?

Due to their small size, blue fawn Frenchies are very lightweight. Their average body weight is 20-28 pounds.

Temperament and Personality of Blue Fawn French Bulldogs

Blue fawn Frenchies are excellent companions of their owners and they can even suffer from separation anxiety if they are left alone. If you can take out some time for your puppy regularly, you should not get a fawn blue Frenchie as a pet.

Frenchies are mischievous at times and the owner can even get irritated. So, it’s ideal if the owner is persistent and patient by nature. Even when training your fawn blue Frenchie, you need to be very persistent and stern.

How long do blue fawn French bull dogs live?

According to the estimation, the average life span of a blue fawn French bull dog is 10-12 years. Life span depends upon Breeder, Health Conditions, Diet, Veterinary Care, Exposure to Heat, Regular Health Maintenance and Training, and Lifestyle.

How much exercise do Fawn Blue French Bulldogs need?

Fawn blue French bulldogs don’t require much exercise. A little walk around the block is enough to fulfill their exercise requirements.

Some playtime with your puppy will be helpful in keeping it healthy and happy. You can use some toys and puzzles to play with your dog. This not only helps strengthen your bond with your dog but also provides mental stimulation.

What are the dietary needs of a blue fawn Frenchie?

Being a small dog breed, your Frenchie has a naturally rapid metabolism. As a result, they require more calories per pound of bodyweight than other breeds with larger bodies.

On the other hand, Frenchies are a low-energy breed prone to obesity. Experts recommend a healthy, active French bulldog should be given around 25-30 calories per pound of body weight.

How to get healthy Puppies of Blue Fawn French Bulldogs?

It might be difficult to distinguish a Blue Fawn French Bulldog puppy from other similar-colored Frenchies, so make sure you get your Blue Fawn Frenchie puppy from a reliable breeder. Make sure you rule out the presence of any medical disorder after a checkup from a veterinarian.

Common Health Problems in French Bulldog Blue Fawn

Unfortunately, French Bulldogs are unhealthy dog breeds to deal with. Furthermore, adding color dilution to their coat brings additional health hazards.

Puppies require much care and attention to survive. Below are some of the most common health problems encountered by french bulldogs.

  1. Brachycephalic Respiratory Failure Syndrome

Due to shorter muzzles, the French Bulldogs can have some degree of additional labor involved with breathing with different degrees of blockage to their airways.

  1. Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is created by an inherent hip joint malformation or cartilage loss after a traumatic fracture. The joint degradation causes varying irritation, discomfort, tightness, and lameness.

  1. Retinal Atrophy

This is a hereditary photoreceptor loss characterized by slow retinal degeneration in the eye, eventually leading to total vision loss.

  1. Thoracic stenosis

The constriction of the right ventricular flow tract or the pulmonary artery causes a blockage of the drainage from the right side of the heart.

Why are Blue Fawn French Bulldogs rare?

Blue, tan, chocolate, and lilac French Bulldogs are rare breeds. The process of producing them requires a delicate combination of different genes to produce the desired color. Blue merle is maybe the most unusual of them.

What is the Price of a Blue Fawn French Bulldog?

Blue fawn Frenchies’ prices vary by breeder. However, they can range between $4,000 and $10,000.

In a world where the usual French bulldog costs several thousand dollars, Frenchies having some rare colors can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Fawn blue Puppies of French Bulldogs are sometimes more costly than regular Frenchies.

Blue French Bulldog Fun Facts

  • Blue fawn Frenchies have large heads and the mother dogs require extensive C-sections to ensure a healthy delivery in most cases.
  • They dislike swimming, as do the majority of French Bulldogs. Because of their tiny legs and severe breathing problems.

Looking for a Blue Fawn French Bulldog for sale?

If you are looking for a fawn blue French bulldog for sale, you should buy it from a trusted breeder only. Get your blue fawn Frenchie checked by your vet for any health problems.


Blue fawn French Bulldogs are pretty stunning and they may make fantastic companions that will love you unconditionally.

They are difficult to produce and are rare. That is why they are quite expensive. If you plan on getting a blue fawn Frenchie, there are some things to consider, including potential health concerns and expenses.

Thank you for reading and have fun with your blue fawn french bulldog!