Flying with French Bulldogs

If you plan on flying with French Bulldog, here is everything you need to know about flying with your dog. Flying has prerequisites for both humans and pets, especially the French Bulldogs. This article will share everything you need to be prepared for. 

Can French Bulldogs fly on planes?

Yes! Frenchies can fly on planes under certain restrictions, but health risks always exist. French bulldogs are brachycephalic dogs and they can face some breathing issues during the journey. Before getting on a plane, make sure your French Bulldog is healthy and up-to-date with vaccinations.

Those who own French Bulldogs, consider them a part of their family and don’t want to leave their furry buddies when traveling. Flying with French Bulldogs has become widespread but this has become a hot discussion due to the death of a dog in cargo on his way to the destination.

Essentials To Dos Before Flying With Your French Bulldog 

Following are the inevitable things you should do while flying with a French Bulldog to avoid the hassle.

  •  You need a Health Certificate that shouldn’t be older than ten days at the time of flying with French Bulldog. A health certificate is necessary for making sure your dog is free from diseases and fit for traveling.  Some extra documentation may be required if you are traveling internationally. 
  • Keep the essentials like passport, boarding pass, and tickets with you, and make sure you don’t forget any of these in your living space. Don’t you try to save money by purchasing one ticket when flying with a French Bulldog on airplanes because it will make your dog uncomfortable. If you think it would be a burden, you are wrong because it costs more or less $250.
  • Always find a veterinary clinic close to the destination. In case you have any emergency, take your dog to the vet immediately.
  • Travel with a water bowl and give your dog water when you’re served water during the flight. Open the TSA bag from the top and take out the bowl. Pour some water and ensure your dog does not remain thirsty during the flight.


Pets Friendly Airlines

The choice of airline is essential as it plays a significant role in making the journey hectic-free and comfortable. Some airlines have strict regulations, while a few are lenient. Following are the airlines which allow travel of your french bulldog.

  • Delta
  • Emirates
  • Air Canada
  • Air France
  • Iberia
  • Lufthansa
  • Qatar
  • Alaska Airlines (in the cargo hold)
  • American Airlines
  • Hawaiian Air (in the cargo hold)

flying with french bulldog on a plane

Choosing Cabin for your French Bulldog

The decisive aspect in choosing an airline is their permit to travel your dog to the cabin. Ideally, the cabin is the foremost place during your French Bulldog flying. Usually, your dog is adjusted under your seat. During the take-off and landing, pressure changes and noise can make your dog anxious. If your dog is beneath your seat, you can interact and make your Frenchie feel calm.

Taking your dog via cargo is not preferred as there is no temperature control, and at high altitudes, it becomes cold, which paves the way to health risks. The airlines allowing French Bulldogs in cabins include Qatar, Lufthansa, Delta, etc.


Let Your Frenchie Defecate or Urinate before Boarding

As urine and feces are natural calls so they can’t be avoided. It’s recommended that your dog should have poop or urination time before boarding the plane. In this regard, many airports have released stations where dogs can stay before boarding. It helps in reducing the probability of urinating or defecating during take-off or landing. This way, you won’t get messy while flying with French Bulldog.


Advantages of Exercise before flying your French Bulldog 

Before the flight, try to ensure that your Frenchie has done enough exercise or walked, which is tiresome. It increases the probability of sleep during the flight, especially when the flight is longer than 4 hours.


Utilizing pet bags approved by Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Many bags can be used for moving dogs from one place to another; when french bulldogs travel through airplanes. TSA-approved bag usage is recommended as it is allowed in planes, is easy to travel with your dog, and has proper respiratory vents to avoid suffocation.

Before purchasing TSA-approved bags, see the size chart of French Bulldog and buy the one matching the size traits of your Frenchie.

Carrier acclimation

If you are left with one week before flying, introduce your dog to a carrier bag and train him to enter and exit. Give a treat to your Frenchie. In this way, your dog will become used to the boarding experience and will not become anxious during the journey.

French Bulldog airplane posture or position during journey 

Be vigilant during the flight and take a look at your dog every few minutes. Observe the breathing, whether it is labored or normal. Immediately take the dog out of the bag if you observe the difficulty in breathing when flying with French Bulldog. Call the flight attendant and ask for a respiratory mask, which aids in controlling the labored breath of your dog.

On your way to your destination on the plane, your dog remains in the bag, and it is recommended that your bag has two openings, one on top and the other on the side. Aiming the air vent at the dog’s head is encouraged.

Don’t agree to cargo service for your French Bulldog travel as no one can observe your dog during the Voyage. Make sure your airline permits the dogs in the cabin because it’s too dangerous via cargo and many French Bulldogs can’t make it under these severe conditions.

Use of Soothing Medicines 

Sedatives are not advisable when flying with a French Bulldog because they aggravate the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular problems. All this is because of sedation and high altitude. It becomes more severe for flat-faced breeds like french bulldogs and can be risky.

Give your dog a few drops of sedative, be careful with the limit, and always ask your vet about the dose you’re going to give to your dog. Herbal remedies also aid in controlling breath and making the dog calm during travel. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- Can French Bulldogs travel through airplanes?

Yes! French Bulldogs can travel by plane. There are some guidelines which you should always follow. This short and flat-faced breed may fall prey to health risks so be vigilant during the journey.

2-What essential measures do you need before boarding the plane?

The things that are done before traveling include:

  • Getting a health certificate
  • Buying a dog ticket
  • Keeping dog at station to help it urinate and defecate
  • Purchasing a TSA-approved bag
  • Sedating the dog
  • Fetching a water bowl

3-Can French Bulldogs fly in cabin?

Yes! Ideally, a cabin is the best place for your Frenchie to travel with you because you can observe your dog and make it comfortable. Some airlines allow traveling in a cabin. It will cost you around $250 for your pet’s ticket.

4-Can French Bulldog urinate or defecate during the flight?

The probability of urinating or poop exists if you don’t leave your dog in the release station before boarding the plane. So leave your dog in the release station to avoid messing up. 

5-Can plane vents aid in reducing stress?

Yes, during the flight, the dog may have labored respiration. If you observe labored breathing, immediately call for medical assistance from an attendant and put the oxygen mask on the mouth of your Frenchie. Direct the vents towards your dog to make him feel calm and stress-free.

If you are going to travel with your dog by road, this article can be helpful for you.

 Final Words

If you are flying with French Bulldog, it wouldn’t be worrisome if you make a checklist and strictly abide by it. Following the list will help you and your dog avoid anxiety. Travel early in the morning or at night on hot days, whether a short domestic or long international flight, follow guidelines for a safe, happy, and comfortable journey.

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