Dog Barking at Night | Reasons and How to Stop It

Dog barking at night is unpleasant for you and everyone in the neighborhood. The reasons why do dogs bark at night can be behavioral, environmental, or even medical. In some cases, barking at night is not due to any special reason. On the other hand, a dog barking can be an alarm to a potential problem or a health problem he might be facing.

Reasons for a Dog Barking at Night

If your dog keeps you from having a good night’s sleep, you are at the right place. Here we are going to describe some reasons why dogs bark at night. As a dog owner, it is important to keep a check on your dog and to know the reason behind the dog’s barking at night.

  • Boredom

Dogs are social animals. They like being surrounded by people and not having anyone around at night can be boring for them. Exercise is the best way to eliminate that boredom or frustration from your dog.

Because at night, your dog can be energetic as he/she did not get enough exercise during the day. Your dog will also chew and lick due to that extra energy. There is nothing to worry about in this case. Just exercise your dog daily for enough time to tire it out. So it can sleep peacefully at night.

  • Environmental changes

If you have changed your house or your dog’s room to sleep in, he/she might bark at night because your dog needs some time to adjust to it. The quiet and dark home can also cause dog barking at night. Make sure to give your dog a suitable place to sleep. And give him/her enough time to get used to the new changes.

  • Attention

Your dog might be seeking attention by barking. If you come running every time your dog barks at night, then he/she will keep repeating this behavior. It is best to ignore your dog while he/she barks in order to prevent this behavior.

  • Hunger

Your dog can be hungry if he is barking at night. He may not have eaten enough during the day. Or he may not be getting enough nutrition from what you have been feeding him. If you are feeding him in the morning time mostly, start feeding him in the evening time as well. Make sure your dog is getting enough nutrition from the meals to prevent unnecessary dog barking at night.

  • Toilet time

Your dog may bark to wake you up because he/she wants to relieve themselves. If your dog didn’t do potty business in the evening, take him to the bathroom. If this will be the reason, your dog will stop barking after it.

  • Urinary tract infection

If the dog is barking at night excessively, it can be a sign of a urinary tract infection if your dog goes to pee more than usual. Urinary tract infections are painful and can lead to serious complications if not attended to on time. If you see signs like blood in urine, straining, and frequent licking of the genitals, take him to the vet.

  • Pain/discomfort

Your dog might feel discomfort if he/she is feeling cold or hot. Check the sleeping environment. Or your dog might be in pain if he/she is barking and panting excessively. If it has started suddenly and your dog is not stopping, then it is best to take it to the vet.

  • Noise distractions

Your dog might be barking due to the sounds you cannot hear. Go check. If it is not an intruder or if the dog’s barking at night is repetitive then your dog might be listening to the dog barks from the neighborhood or some other high-pitched noises from the street.

Dogs have more sensitive ears than humans. If your dog is barking in a certain room, you can check if there is a possibility of excessive sound coming in that room from somewhere. You can change their sleeping place to some other room.

  • Separation anxiety

Barking at night can be caused by separation anxiety. If your dog sleeps in another room then he/she might bark due to anxiety induced by loneliness. The solution can be to give them a piece of your clothing to chew on or put them to sleep where they can see you.

  • Age

Old age brings complications and the dog barking at night can be their one way to express their pain. If your dog gets older, joint pain becomes common. Old age can also lead to deafness and when a dog is deaf, it barks a lot. It is best to see your vet. Give them medication for pain. Also, change your dog’s routine a bit, do not exercise them a lot.

  • Dog barking in crate at night can be due to improper crate training

If your dog won’t stop barking at night in a crate, it can be because the dog is terrified and lonely in the crate. Your dog may even whine while barking.

Giving proper crate training to your dog is important. It will help you feel less anxious about them. It also prevents negative barking habits in your dog.

Why is my dog barking at night all of a sudden?

If your dog starts barking at night all of a sudden, this indicates something serious. This can be due to some physical discomfort or your dog may perceive any danger in the environment. Sudden barking from a dog should not be ignored and if your dog doesn’t stop, you should consider contacting your veterinarian.

why is my dog barking at night for no reason?

Dogs have comparatively more sharp senses than humans. They can sense things that humans can’t. If you think your dog is barking for no reason, you may be missing something. There must be some reason for your dog barking all of a sudden. You should try to soothe your dog and observe things that may have caused your dog to bark. If you can’t figure out any reason, you should consult the problem with your veterinarian.

How to stop dogs from barking at night?

If your dog keeps barking at night, the following are some ways of preventing dog barking at night.

  • Give proper exercise
  • Check possible disturbances
  • Give them a nutritional diet
  • Don’t feed your dog too late
  • Take them to relieve before bedtime
  • Make your dog’s sleeping environment comfortable
  • Stop paying attention if your dog is barking without any reason. Please don’t give them their favorite toy or treat which is not good in the long run.
  • Take your dog to the vet if the dog is barking excessively and you are unable to detect the reason


Dog barking at night can be behavioral or due to any medical issue. If your dog is barking at night it may be due to separation anxiety, attention discomfort, old age, and other reasons mentioned above. But you need to pay attention to what started this barking. You need to find the reason first. Then you can make changes accordingly to stop barking at night.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, you can share them through comments or mail.

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How To Stop Dog Barking At Night?

Identify the cause of barking and address it while establishing a consistent bedtime routine and comfortable sleeping environment for your dog.

How To Calm Dog Barking At Night?

Identify and address the underlying cause of barking, while creating a calm and comfortable environment through exercise, routine, and soothing sounds.

Should I Ignore My Dog’s Barking At Night?

It depends on the situation. If the barking is attention-seeking or due to boredom, it’s generally best to ignore it to avoid reinforcing the behavior.

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