Reasons for Dog Whining and How to Stop It

Dog communication with humans and their canine peers is executed by vocal communication, which may be whining, crying, barking, or growling. So, whining in dogs is a form of vocal communication in canines, and the reason behind its triggering is sometimes cute to leave a smile on your face. Sometimes it can be nerve-racking if the dog is suffering from unrevealed pain and you even don’t know what your poor dog is suffering from.

A normal dog whining seems cute and is exciting for pet owners. So, you don’t have to worry about it, but if it aggravates and becomes a regular habit, it could be a problematic situation. So, as a responsible pet owner, you must know that either whining that your dog express is for a good reason or is worrisome.

We’ll overlook the most common reasons for good and harmful dog whining and how to prevent distressing whining.

Six Most Common Reasons Behind the Dog Whining:

1-To Express Happiness

Humans are the only living being bestowed with speaking, but dogs and other animals use their body language to express their feelings. If your dog whines the moment, it welcomes you, and you pat it. It indicates that your dog is happy to see you. Similarly, playing, hanging out with their owners, and getting food tips, urge dogs to whine to express their happiness and excitement. In this case, dog whining is followed by frequent jumping and rounding around.

Dogs mostly welcome other dogs by whining to express happy greetings. They may wage their tail and whine to communicate with their pack members to say happy to see you.

Other Signs of a Happy Dog

  • Wagging tail
  • Jumping
  • Leaning into you
  • Playful behavior
  • Relaxed body

You can categorize it as good whining, and it can be a sign that your puppy is encouraging you to reinforce these habits.

2-To Seek Attention

Dogs are attention seekers like toddlers. Although some dogs are more minor attention seekers than others, but yes, they all seek attention. Whining in a dog might indicate that your dog is thriving to seek your attention. Dogs always need someone to occupy them to get rid of boredom.

Your dog may whine if you are indulged in an activity, but the poor dog is not invited to join you. Contrarily the jealous puppies whine if their owner gives attention to their human friend or other animals pets.

The dogs of busy owners are primarily indulged in whining because they can’t get time to play and enjoy themselves with their owners.

Other Signs of Attention Seeker Dogs:

dog with a boy

You must spend some time with your puppy, and just patting them twice or thrice can reduce whining.

3-To Demand Something

Dog owners are accustomed to hearing dogs whining now and then, but it’s not meaningless. If you are sure your dog is not stressed or happy or has not met a stranger but is still whining, then this might indicate that your dog needs something. Dogs might demand a toy to chew, food treats, a piece of meat to satiate their hunger, water to swig, and a walk to get rid of boredom.

It’s good that your dog may remind you about its basic needs just by whining. So, it’s normal for the dogs to whine about fulfilling their little desires.

Similarly, cute young puppies may whine to communicate their wants and need with their dear mother.

How to clam dog whining

How Do I Judge My Dog Needs Something?

If your dog gazes at you while gazing at something else, again and again, this might point out that your pup is demanding you that particular thing. Suppose your dog is gazing at you while gazing at the door that means it wishes to go out.

4-Sign of Anxiety and Boredom

Dogs always don’t whine for good reasons. There might be some problematic conditions behind the dogs whining sometimes. An anxious, scary, and stressed dog is more susceptible to whine frequently than a happy dog. Anxiety in dogs may root back to prolonged boredom and less attention by the owners.

Separation anxiety is also reported among the reason for dogs whining. Your dog may experience separation anxiety if it is separated from its owners or its pack. The arrival of new guests at whom may encourage dog whining.

Instead of anxiety and other reasons that may be often observed in dogs whining, they’re bored or not getting the right amount of exercise. Fewer activities and rare hanging out with their pet owners may cause whining in dogs.

dog whining due to anxiety and boredom

Other Signs of Anxiety and Boredom:

  • Excessive licking
  • Digging up the flower beds
  • Excessive chewing
  • Pacing
  • Scratching for no reason
  • Panting for no reason
  • Barking
  • Digging the trash
  • Destructive behavior

5-Sign of Pain

The dog may whine if they are suffering from pain because of any disease or injury. Some sensitive dogs may also start whining if they see any other dog or animal suffering or dying in front of them.

If you experience your dog whining while he jumps or climbs stairs, maybe your dog is suffering from joint diseases. Limping in dogs because of any physical injury is the most probable reason behind the dogs whining.

Other Signs of a Dog in Pain:

  • Agitation
  • Excessive barking, growling, and yelping
  • Resistant to normal touch
  • Hidey behaviors
  • Increased heart rate
  • Stop eating
  • Limping

6-To Say Sorry

Dog whining is another way to express their submissive behavior to say that you are the boss or I was wrong. When you scold your dog for intolerable acts like chewing plastic items, peeing on the floor, or distracting your attention from an important task, and your dog starts whining, that might be a part of its apology.

Sign Your Dog is Feeling Sorry:

Tail tucked, lowered body, averted gaze, licking, yawing, and lowered head with visible white of eyes like signs and whining ensure that the dog feels sorry.

How to Prevent Dog Whining?

How to prevent dog whining?

Whining in dogs is often harmless, and you don’t have to worry about it, but if it’s excessive and turns into a habit, you must find a way to rule it out. Here are some simple rules to get accurate results.

  • In case the dog is not suffering from pain or stress, don’t encourage dogs to whine.
  • If your dog is suffering from anxiety, try to eradicate the reasons behind it and keep the dog happy.
  • Visit a veterinarian if your dog needs medical treatment. Hopefully, it will help to curb whining.
  • You must fulfill the need of the speechless animals if you don’t want to listen to whining now and then.
  • Spend your free time with dogs to avoid any stress or boredom, and it will help reduce dog whining for sure.


It’s normal for the pet owner to experience dog whining at midnight, early in the morning, or at any time in the day. Dogs whine for no reason now and then, and you can stay calm. But if it’s excessive and you have doubt it might turn into a habit, you pay attention to eradicate the reason behind it. Because sometimes whining is not just a typical whining, it may indicate that the dog is stressed or suffering.

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