Shih poo Dog- A mixed dog breed

If you wish to enjoy the characteristics of Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle dog breeds in one dog, you can choose Shih poo dog, which is a mixed breed of Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle. If you have a small apartment and can’t afford a mighty dog breed, you can think about this dog breed! The dog owners who love to pat their dogs while taking them in their lap prefer to buy this toy-sized dog breed.

You’ll get all the information about this dog breed, from its physical appearance and personality to its grooming requirements and health issues in this article.

General Information:

Scientific name:

Canis lupus


12 to 18 inches


8 to 17 pounds

Life span:

9 to 14 years.


200 to 500$

The Shih Poo breed of dogs is also named Shoodle or Pooshi. It is a combination of Shih Tzu and toy poodle dog breeds with minor hypoallergenic, pretty, and loyal companion characters inherited from both parents. These small, lightweight, adorable dogs have curly and infrequent, shedding short coat-length hair.

These dogs can live alone because they are not too sticky and have a little bit of barking habit while necessary. They are easily adjustable with family members, children, other pets, especially other puppies. These are highly affectionate, beautiful, loveable, and toy-sized dog breeds known as teddy bear dogs. Keep in mind that these are crossbreeds having no standard species.

Some primary characters of Shih poo dogs are:


As we know, the appearance of any breed depends upon its genetics; Shih poo dog resemble both parents (Shih Tzu and Toy poodle) having a small body, low body weight, curly and hypoallergenic coat of hair that changes its color with age.

Some of these may have oversized straight hair coats, and some look exactly like parents, while others look like a mixture of parents. These are primarily white-colored or may have tawny patches, and some breeds are totally black-colored.

The personality of Shih poo dog & temperament:

Like humans, dogs inherit their personality and temperament from their parents and environment. However, Tzu and poodle are not easily outgoing, while Shih poos are highly outgoing thanks to their genetic constitution. Their habits can be changed with proper practice, training, guidelines, and socialization.

The small pretty, active, and fluffy appearance make their personality unique and loveable because of these characters; they are used as pet dogs for exhibition and competition. These dogs grow well in cold temperatures because of their fluffy appearance. These dogs are a little stubborn, and you change your dog’s habit with proper training. These carnivores have an excellent prey derive.

Selection as pet dogs:

Based on many characters, Shih poos are selected as pet dogs such as they are brilliant can be trained easily. This breed is quite pretty, affectionate, and loveable, so chosen as a family pet. Their general health, coat shedding ability, small size, moderate chewing, and moderate barking habit make them family and children friendly pets. These dogs can be trained in various ways such as herding, as a toy dog, and rescue purposes that make them pet dogs.

Shih poo dogs have great loyalty and devotion to their owners, which fits them as the best companion. You can easily pick this toy size dog in your lap for hours while touching their fluffy coat that can help you to get rid of tension. Their tiny size doesn’t demand much space to fit in the family. These dogs are quite supportive animals for owners as they make little to no noise and their funny traps are enough to put a smile on the owner’s face.

Feeding habit:

This breeds prefer to eat little but quality food. These dogs should have a proper food chart of four to six meals for Shih poo; eating freely can put them at risk of bloating and obesity problems. There is a regular diet for young dogs, while puppies require much food with proteins, fats, lipids, and other essential ingredients for their proper growth and development. Be aware of providing your dogs with a single food; only meat or grains will work never work daily.

Their food should contain some of the food supplements that are a must for them.

  1. Proteins from meat.
  2. Fatty acids from fat, meat, vegetable oils, and seeds are necessary for puppies.
  3. Calcium and phosphorus from the shells of eggs, and bone meal ensures enough food for puppies.
  4. Make sure the plenty of water for both puppies and old ages.
  5. Carbohydrates in plants give strength to puppies.
  6. Make sure fibrous food for good digestive health.
  7. Avoid toxic food.


These dogs are intelligent, small, and lightweight, so straightforward to train. During training, they have to learn various good habits such as moderate barking, calmness, and moderate chewing. Prior training proper socialization is compulsory, making dogs understand people and other dogs.


These dogs are lightweight, requiring low food supplements, requiring less exercise, but regular exercise. There should be a regular morning walk, racing, jumping, and spacious playground activities and rest after it. They must enjoy proper night sleep and short daytime naps peacefully for proper health.

Apartment loving:

They have a good habit of living alone while other dogs cannot live alone peacefully. Instead, they become nervous and aggressive. However, they can live alone; it’s a good idea to have a second dog at home to accompany it. So, if you are a busy owner and not much social, Shih Poo dog can be your best companion. The primary perk is if you are not interested in outdoor activity and long-run, Shih Poo can be your best choice. 3r


It’s a type of cuddly companion that can amuse you with its acting and can prove itself as a free alternative to stress-releasing medicine. Shih poo is friendly with strangers, other dogs, and kids. To make them social proper socialization with new persons, places, stores, and markets is necessary.


Like other breeds, they also require proper grooming to give them an enticing look. Daily brushing and bathing within a month can give them a radiant look and help get rid of dog smell, which ultimately boosts the charm in their personality.

Removing nails after fifteen days is compulsory, while long nails can break easily, harming the dog. Fur trimming makes them peaceful and develops their character. Use a comb to make their hair straight.

Some Health problems:

This breed is vulnerable to health problems such as:

Brachycephalic airway syndrome:

Brachycephalic airway syndrome is a body defect that contracts nostrils by breaking the trachea and a protracting soft plate. It creates breathing problems by blocking airways.

It’s a severe issue and if you find any symptoms of this disease in your pup, contact the veterinarian immediately.

Dental disease:

These breeds are vulnerable to dental diseases such as dental jamming, periodontal disease, and tarter disease. Proper brushing can diminish this issue to some extent.

Hip dysplasia:

It is a common disease of joints due to sudden accidents or jerks.

Disc problem:

It is due to displacement or degeneration of the disc, which causes severe pain.

Patellar luxation:

It is a common disease of the hind limb.

Radical retinal atrophy:

It is a nerve disorder leading to loss of vision and night blindness in dogs.

Sebaceous adenitis:

This inflammatory skin problem leads to swollen sebum, which produces glands causing skin irritation and hair loss.

Von Willebrand’s disease:

It is an inherited disease due to platelets disorders causing continuous bleeding. If you observe any sign of this disease, visit your pet doctor.


Shih Poo dog is a mixed breed and not a pure breed, a small dog with a beautiful fluffy coat. It’s a family-friendly and compartment-friendly dog breed that requires much exercise. It’s pretty suitable for busy and free lifestyle owners. You can rest assured that your dog will not suffer from separation anxiety if left alone.