Poochon Dogs- Cross breed of Poodles and Bichon Frise

Poochon dogs belong to a teddy bear-like breed that is hard to ignore because of its innocence and cute smile. Be ready to meet new faces every day while you go out with your Poodle because this small breed urges every person passing by it to pat this small fluffy and smiling dog. This small social breed is a crossbreed of a toy poodle and Bichon Frise. This breed inherits the best qualities from both parents.

The designer breeders bred it in late 1900 to get the intelligence of Toy Poodle and the adorable character of Bichon Frise in the one mix breed that was named Poochon. Poochon is a jolly and affectionate family-friendly pet. Poochon is also called Bichon poo, Bichpoo, and Bichon poodle.

If you want a friendly, comfortable, intelligent, obedient, and small but strong personality pet, you should think about Poochon dogs.

Whether you are searching for Poochon to adopt as a pet or just scrolling google to see some cute puppies, you’ll get all the information about this breed in this article.

General information

poochon dogs

Physical description

Poochon is a tiny, toy-sized dog that is active and charming. Their beauty, easy-to-pick size, and pleasing smiles are the reasons behind their popularity among homo-sapiens. Poochon resembles both parents, mainly showing apricot, cream, white, and tan colors. Poochons have curly or straight medium-length coats that shed less.

Height:15 to 17 inches

Weight: 6 to 17 pounds

Life span:12 to 15 years

Poochon is very clingy with its pet parents; you can simply say cuddle time is every time. No matter its bed, sofa, couch, or lap, this small Poodle is ready to jump everywhere on its owners. These dogs are silent, calm, and love to entertain children. Living with a family or with a single person is its specialty, and it’s an apartment-loving breed.

Poochons will be the best companions for both active and lazy owners throughout life. As it’s not much outgoing and a small breed that doesn’t demand heavy exercise, you can nourish this breed as your fluffy friend.

Temperament and behavior:

Every Poochon has a different temperament depending upon the character of both parents. They spend happy life as they are playful and social with families, children, and other dogs. Because of their intelligence, they are easily trainable. These small breeds can be injured easily and become angry with others.

This breed can live alone, but it can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for a long time. It is not habitual to excessive barking, so you and your neighbors can take long naps even in its presence without any disturbance. It can be acquainted with strangers quickly and adjust with new owners comparatively easily. All of these habits make it the best pet for novice pet owners.

The hair coat of Poochon dogs

These intelligent dogs have medium-length double hair coats. The upper jacket is thin while the undercoat is thick, keeping them warm against cold and protecting them from environmental hazards. These coats may be white, tan, and cream-colored.

The haircoat is hypoallergenic and has low shedding ability, making it a suitable pet because you do not have to face hair sticking or any sort of allergy during or after playing with the dog.

Exercise Requirements

The need for exercise varies among dog breeds. Some require less, while others require more depending upon their size, food habits, and jobs. As Poochon is small and requires fewer exercises, even a 20 to 30 minutes walk is enough. They also eat a little, so they need less exercise to burn calories. Walking, running, sprinting, running up and down, hide and seek, climbing the stairs are enough for this tiny pup instead of heavy exercise.

Although little but regular exercise is a must; otherwise, it can pack pounds easily within a couple of months. After training, allow it to rest and sleep on a soft sofa for a long time to relax the muscles.

Feeding Habits

These are small, highly energetic breeds, which require a small quantity of food rich in proteins, lipids, vitamins, fats, grains, fruits, and vegetables. The diet varies among breeds with age; young dogs require less food while growing puppies need more calories for growth and development.


For every living thing, grooming is compulsory, but for your Poochon, it is entirely mandatory. Although its coat is low shedding, it requires continuous grooming; otherwise, it may get rusty and matted. The maintenance of their haircoats is necessary; brush them daily. There should be a proper schedule for bathing after every month, which makes the dog dust and dirt-free, attractive, and charming.

Use dogs-friendly shampoos which provide shine and strength to their hair. Cut their nails after every week. Use dog’s toothpaste to strengthen their teeth. Check their ears regularly and clean them.


For a joyful life, socialization is a good thing. If your dog is social, you will not worry about your cuddly little Poochon. Take your Poochon to different markets, new places, and visit strangers to enable it to learn new things and enjoy. Fortunately, Poochon is a naturally social dog.


For teaching new skills, proper training is necessary. Poochon dogs can be trained easily because they are small and brilliant. You can train them easily by clicker training or positive reinforcement. Commonly, people focus on dog training, but it is equally necessary to teach the children how to touch dogs safely and play with them carefully to stop dog injuries. Never disturb dogs when they are eating or sleeping.

Health Problems

Poochons suffer from diseases primarily common in toy poodle and bichon frise.

Tooth decay, Bloating, Disc problems, Joint diseases, Uric acid, Diabetes, Kidney stones, Patellar luxation, Retinal atrophy, Allergies, cushioning diseases, Bladder issues, Addison’s disease are common diseases that affect poochon dogs.


Poochon dogs are not a pure breed. They are a combination breed of a toy poodle and bichon frise. These breeds are very intelligent, smart, active, innate social, cuddly companions, friendly, joyful. They are toy group animals with medium-length hair coats of different colors. It is a low-shedding, hypoallergenic, and social dog. Poochon is apartment-loving and has moderate barking habits. You can choose Poochon dogs as family-friendly pets without thinking twice.