Why Do Shih Tzus Cry? Reasons and How to Stop?

Why do Shih Tzus cry? If you are a Shih Tzu owner, you must have noticed that your lovely companion occasionally starts to cry for apparently no reason while watching TV and sitting comfortably in your lap. Or you must have noticed Shih Tzu crying and whining at night for no reason.

The question that must click your mind very often is Why does Shih Tzu cry? You must be curious to know the reason behind this, trying to solve this mystery for the sake of your puppy’s peace.

Let’s disclose together why Shih Tzu cries and ways to stop crying.

How can I know my dog is crying?

Shih Tzu is an adorable breed with a dignified past and present lifestyle with royal palaces as their past harbors. Being cute is bred in their personality, and winning human love is their luck.

Dogs feel pain, boredom and are upset or stressed just like humans, but the way they cry is scientifically proven to be different from humans. You might be deceived by tears in your dog’s eyes just by thinking that if humans feel pain, they shed tears, the same is the case with dogs. But it’s wrong.

Dogs don’t cry by shedding tears. Instead, you can observe crying in dogs by different vocal sounds like whining, crying, and whimpering.  Tears in the dog’s eyes maybe because of eye allergies or infection but not because it is crying.

Why do Shih Tzus cry?

Pain, injury, boredom, separation anxiety, sickness, frustration, hunger, stress, seeking for attention, and missing owners are reasons that urge Shih Tzus to cry.

Sometimes Shih Tzus seem normal even if they are going through all of these situations and their owners just consider that their puppies are fine. But actually, the case is not that simple; you should not just believe that if your Shih Tzu is with you, it is fine mentally and physically. Don’t take it lightly if you notice any kind of crying in Shih Tzu and try to sort out the reason that causes Shih Tzu to cry.

It might be possible that when we consider Shih Tzu is giving cute poses, it is actually under stress, and the same is the case with many other dog breeds with protruding eyes and small snouts.

why do shih tzus cry?

Common reasons why do Shih Tzus cry?

The most common reasons due to which Shih Tzu cries are given below:

1. Shih Tzus cry due to fear

You would mostly think about the dogs as the tension-free animals wagging their tail all around the day. But as the dogs feel happiness, they can also be afraid while in danger; they see any unexpected thing like fireworks, thunderstorms, and visiting a vet. Shih Tzu can be offended while being disturbed during napping and deep sleep. Or they can bark at you, “why did you touch my tail.”

2. Shih Tzus Cry due to pain

Just like humans, dogs cry when in pain and under fight and flight situations. It’s very rare for the Shih Tzu to cry under chronic discomfort, and they mostly cry in response to dire pain due to any disease like arthritis, ear infections, toothache, cancer, skin injuries, sprained leg, strained muscle or a serious wound. These troubles can cause poor Shih Tzu to cry.

3. Shih Tzu Cries out of separation

What will be your reaction if you had just one friend and he leaves you alone the whole day in an empty home? You will never appreciate this silly behavior. The same is the case with Shih Tzu. They just hate living alone and are prone to separation anxiety if left alone for more than six hours.

Dogs are very social animals, and they are not one-room-ridden pets. Their sadness and grief are no more different from humans when they have no one to accompany them.

4. Shih Tzu cries to seek attention

Shih Tzu is famous for its attention-seeking and clingy attitude. They are jealous if you give attention to others without paying any heed to them. So, they start crying to let you know about their presence. It’s a kind of warning; don’t ignore me.

If Shih Tzu welcomes you with a warm crying sound while nudging your legs, it’s a sign your furry companion wants to be petted by you. Dog nudging is also a canine way of communication with their owners.

5. Shih Tzu cries due to allergies

Hives, itching, swelling of ears, earflaps, eyelids, inflamed skin, and paw swelling are the most common sign of allergies in dogs. Shih Tzu crying out of pain due to different allergies is not out of the norm.

The allergies mentioned above are those we can observe just by looking at the dogs. Still, there could be other types of allergies that can indirectly cause vomiting, diarrhea, and sneezing.

So, if you observe your dog crying out for no reason, that’s actually because of any reason that you can’t notice by your dog’s appearance.

6. Hungry Shih Tzu starts crying

Shih Tzu cries when hungry or thirsty. Although dogs don’t crave buckets of water daily, a couple of sips are their basic requirement. If Shih Tzus see an enticing treat or food that fills mouths with water, they’ll start crying for the sake of that irresistible treat. So, this is the most reasonable answer to the question: why do Shih Tzus cry?

7. Shih Tzu cries out of boredom

Shih Tzu are among those lucky breeds who enjoy their most time sleeping in their owner’s lap and playing with their kids for hours.

Keeping in mind their social nature, it’s quite irresistible for them to stay alone and not entertained. If you don’t cuddle and pet your dog for days, and you don’t accompany your furry pal for a long time, they start crying without caring about day or night.

Other reasons behind Shih Tzus crying

Their ancestors were used as guard dogs and watchdogs, so it’s natural for them to woof at strangers. Appeasement, submission, greeting excitement can also stimulate Shih Tzus to cry.

Why does a Shih Tzu cry at night?

Dogs can perceive danger very quickly compared to humans thanks to their 300 million olfactory receptors compared to 6 million in humans. So, they can detect dangers with their powerful sniffing power even more easily than highly advanced human-made detectors. That’s why dogs or Shih Tzu cry at night whenever they perceive even a slight danger.

Instead, it could cry at night because it feels alone, suffering from any medical issue, and out of boredom.

How to stop Shih Tzu from crying?

  • Regular mental stimulation is a must
  • Schedule their routine
  • Foster stress-free environment
  • Buy their favorite pet toys
  • Choose natural therapies as an alternative to stress
  • Fulfill their necessities on time
  • Choose a second pet to accompany each other
  • If you are too busy, get a pet sitter for your Shih Tzu
  • Engage them in some video games
  • Go for a walk with your dog when you are free
  • Treat it with its favorite foods
  • Show by your behavior that you love it and play with it
  • Try to keep them busy and maintain their healthy lifestyle
  • Visit a vet if necessary


Why do Shih Tzus cry? Shih Tzu’s owners frequently ask this question. The answer to this query is quite simple as they can cry because of any physical need and mental distress.

Physical injuries, wounds, allergies, stress, anxiety, boredom, danger perception, seeking attention, and medical conditions can lead Shih Tzus to cry.

Don’t confuse tears in their eyes with emotional stress because dogs don’t cry with tears; instead, they vocalize in the form of whining and crying. If you think your dog is crying because of any serious issue and is in trouble, please visit a veterinarian immediately.