How To Prepare Your Dog For Your Return To Work? 5 Useful Tips

How to prepare your dog for your return to work? was the concern of many people who worked from home during covid-19 lockdowns and were finally returning to their offices. It is natural to think about the well-being of your furry friend. Knowing how to prepare your dog for your return to work is essential because dogs are very sensitive.

Now that C0vid-19 lockdowns are over, you should still learn this because it will be valuable when you’re returning to work from vacation. Time is almost running out. Your perfect vacation with your fur baby is ending, and you must return to work. Of course, that news concerns you. Luckily, you have options. You don’t need to worry about them in your absence because you can prepare your dog for your return to work.

How to Prepare Your Dog for Your Return to Work?

Below are 4 steps that you can take to prepare your dog for your return to work. Each of these steps may not seem very fruitful but in the longer run, they are very effective. Remember! consistency is the key to progress.

Start Small

This is a major step for you and your pup. A huge separation like this requires baby steps. Remember, it’s about looking before you leap. Start with little moments of separation. Leaving to collect the mail or running to the store for a few minutes are good activities you can practice with.

When you return from that separation, make sure to reward them for being so good in your absence. A thorough belly rub and a few treats will go a long way. They’ll start to associate your absence with love and affection once you return. If you exercise with them regularly, try going for a jog once or twice without them and see how they handle it.

Designate a Den

Everyone deserves a little downtime on their own, even your fur baby. Giving them time to unwind alone is plenty. Your dog should have its own area in shared spaces, or you can take it a step further and give it its own bedroom. This area should serve as a safe haven to your dog where it can resort to in times of stress.

Though, a designated and appropriately sized spot in the den works well. Make sure they know the space is theirs completely. Ease them into spending time in their space even when you’re home. It will encourage them to utilize it in your absence. And it helps to encourage independence. They’ll seek out alone time as opposed to being forced into it.

Consider a Daycare

Not all dog owners are comfortable with leaving their pets at home, no matter how much time and effort they put into preparing them. And if that’s the case, you can always consider sending them to a doggy daycare. You don’t need to send them all five days of the week.

Sometimes once or twice a week is all they need. Leaving them alone for all five days is a tough pill to swallow; however, it may get easier as you expose them to other dogs in your absence, giving them something to look forward to. Try to keep the schedule consistent, so they don’t get disoriented.

If you don’t want to leave your dog alone and don’t want to leave it at daycare either, you can hire a Pet sitter.

A downside of leaving your dog at the daycare is that your dog may be exposed to different germs and infectious agents. Dogs at the daycare may be carriers of different diseases that can affect your dog. Keep your dog updated on its vaccination shots.

Increase Their Exercise

Increase their exercise schedule to help them maintain their anxiety. One of the best ways you can help your furry friend handle separation anxiety is to tire them out. Being anxious means, they’re jumping and overactive.

Give them a good workout before you head out every morning. By the time you need to leave, their emotions will be fairly calm. They may even take a nap! Take them for a long walk or run, or have a vigorous play session in the backyard. Exercising with your pup is also a win for you as it boosts your energy and happy hormones for a great start to your day.

Keep Them Busy Always

You should make some arrangements to keep your dog busy even when you are away. Most pet owners do so by leaving the TV on. You can try this as well but dogs see things differently and it is not guaranteed that your dog will enjoy this. Another method is to provide puzzles and toys to your dog.

You can get dog toys that have simple puzzles to solve. When your dog has solved the puzzle, a treat is released. The smell of the treat keeps your dog motivated. These are excellent for mental stimulation. You can make toys for your dog at home. These toys not only save you money but also serve as tokens of your love for your dog.

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If you prepare your dog for your return to work, it is in your best interest just as much as theirs. While we may want to stay home and live in bliss with our doggies forever, someone has to pay the bills. It all starts with baby steps i.e limited breaks from your dog, tiring it physically and mentally, and providing a safe haven, etc. If you have other ideas that can help prepare your dog for your return to work, let us know in the comments.