Common Anatolian Shepherd Mix Breeds You Should Know About

Anatolian Shepherd Pure Breed

Native to Turkey, the Anatolian shepherd pure breed is a large working and companion dog. Well-known for its fiercely protective behavior toward its owners and strangely opposite to it is its fiercely wary towards strangers. Its immense size suits it the best as a guard dog. Novice pet owners should keep in mind that its stubborn nature with a mighty size makes it a fierce combination to handle for novice pet owners.

Early puppyhood training may train them to socialize well. Otherwise, it may knock over the kids while playing with them, and they may chase every second pet they will come across.

Anatolian Shepherd Mix

Like all other mixed dog breeds, you can define Anatolian Shepherd Mix with a bit of Anatolian shepherd and with a bit of other specific breeds meant to mix with Anatolian.

The essential purpose of breeding an Anatolian Shepherd with another breed is to get a breed of desired characteristics. Probably the breeders wish to mix a pure strong, rugged, and bossy Anatolian with a human-friendly dog breed to get a strong, bossy, and human-friendly dog breed. And that’s obviously more favourable than a fierce Anatolian.

It’s not a hard and fast rule to which breed; breeders should mix the Anatolian Shepherd to get the desired dog breed. And again, they are not sure that they can get the desired results, and it takes years to refine a mixed breed into a pure breed.

The bottom line is breeders wish to get one hybrid or designer dog furnished with the characteristics of two different breeds. The idea of getting traits of other dogs within one sounds interesting, and it’s not the recent one; breeders are designing mixed breeds from ancient times.

Although the idea of mixed breeding is not always a successful endeavour, yet breeders have successfully accomplished mixed breeding by crossing pure Anatolian Shepherd with endless other breeds to get different personalities of Anatolian shepherds in the different Anatolian Shepherd mix breeds.

We’ll restrict our discussion to just some typical Anatolian Shepherd Mix breeds to overlook their different new personalities and their general characteristics.

anatolian shepherd mix

5 Common Anatolian Shepherd Mix breeds

1. German Anatolian Shepherd

Both Anatolian Shepherd and German Shepherd are bred to work and guard. Both breeds are fiercely loyal to the owners and highly intelligent and energetic pups. German Shepherd was born to protect their flocks, but Anatolian Shepherd was meant to guard flocks and herd the animals.

The German shepherd suits Novice owners quietly easily, but this isn’t the case with Anatolian shepherds. German Shepherd sheds too much, but Anatolian Shepherd doesn’t shed much. And you can avail the good traits of both dogs in one dog-a a German Anatolian Shepherd.

German Anatolian Shepherd makes it the best Anatolian Shepherd mix pet for the owners who want to eliminate the nuisance of separation anxiety for their dogs. Although it’s not prone to separation anxiety, it’s notorious for boredom and destructive behaviours if not engaged in any other activity.


They have a thin outer coat with a dense inner coat that is straight primarily but sometimes slightly wavy.


90-125 pounds

Coat color:

White, brindle, black, Pinto, and fawn.


Unfortunately, this breed sheds a lot, not just occasional but also seasonal. Although it requires bathing a few times per year, you must brush its dense coat frequently to avoid matting. If you do not agree to compromise on this nuisance this Anatolian Shepherd mix probably can’t be the four-legged friend at your home.

Activity requirement:

This athletic working dog requires at least one to two hours of exercise to keep them physically and mentally fit.

Health issues:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Hemophilia A
  • Bloating
  • Familial vasculopathy
  • Eye disorders

2. Anatolian Pyrenees

The hybrid breed of Anatolian shepherd and the great Pyrenees is known under the name of Anatolian Pyrenees. Although Anatolian Shepherd is already a large breed, you’ll get an even more giant breed after crossing it with Great Pyrenees.

Both breeds are guardian breeds, and breeding a calm, beautiful Pyrenees with fierce Anatolian Shepherd is a great choice. The end result of this Anatolian shepherd mix with Great Pyrenees is a calm, beautiful, strong muscled, and intelligent guardian dog.

It’s well suited for herding and a companion dog and is friendly with pets, other dogs, and kids but not suitable for novice owners.


80 to 140 pounds

Coat color:

Its coat is white or Cream colored, having brown or black markings over the body. You may also come across Anatolian Pyrenees with different colors like brindle, Pinto, and fawn. Its long, medium to long-haired coat is not waterproof.


It is an above-average shedder and high-maintenance pup.

Exercise requirement:

It’s a high jumper and escape artist, so keep your high fence ready if you want to own it. And it requires a high level of daily activity to ensure mental and physical fitness.

Health issues:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Demodectic mange
  • Entropion

3. Plush Danios

You can count Plush Danios as a designer breed of Anatolian shepherd and Great Dane. Great Dane is a sweet and calm massive lapdog loved by the pet owners because of their rare combination of giant size with sweet nature.

Both the Anatolian Shepherd and Great Dane are large and protective dogs breeds. Breeding them together results in a massive and sweet-tempered pup. Great Danes have a short life span and a lot of health issues that can be overcome by crossbreeding it with Anatolian Shepherd.

Plush Danios is a shy, somehow fearful dog in front of strangers but quite responsive towards its owners. It’s not suitable for families with small kids. It needs proper training to socialize with other pets at home but is not ideal for dog parking.


110-180 pounds

Coat color:

Different colors, not just some colors


Long muscular body, cat-like feet, well-sprung ribs, double coat, and long curved tail.


Twice or thrice grooming per week is a must to avoid the matting of the double coat.

Bathing once a month and clipping their nails after every second week is enough to avoid any nuisance. Check their ears every month to clean them.


It may get bored like many other dog breeds and needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Anatolian Shepherd mix of this kind loves to hunt, herd animals and guard its owners. So, it’s natural for it to get physical and mental stimulation, and providing it physical activities within a fenced area is a perfect training center for them.

Health issues:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Bloating
  • Deafness
  • Wobbler’s syndrome
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cataracts
  • Lens dilation

4-Anatolian Retriever

A crossbreed of a Golden retriever and an Anatolian shepherd is Anatolian Retriever. Probably the first breed that clicks your mind when it comes to retrievers is the Golden retriever, and for sure, it deserves to be enlisted among the best family-friendly dogs and free guard dogs. It’s not much wary and protective towards strangers. It’s more energetic than the Anatolian shepherd, and mixing these dogs does not fit the best.

The reason why Golden Retriever and Anatolian Shepherd were mixed is not known, and probably it was just accidental breeding. This kind of Anatolian Shepherd mix breeding is scarce.

It’s family-friendly, easy to train, apartment lover, suitable for novice owners, and playful dog. Its athletic body is highly suitable for kids, families, and farms guarding as a guard dog. It’s not hypoallergenic and a loud barker.


60-94 pounds

Coat color:

Gray fawn, brindle, white, black, red, liver, and blue fawn.


It needs a medium amount of grooming to maintain the original appearance, and it sheds averagely.


It requires a lot of physical and mental exercise and is very destructive if it is not provided with proper physical activity because it gets bore quickly.

Health issues:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Skin infection
  • Patellar luxation
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Cancer
  • Bloating
  • entropion
  • Hip dysplasia

Life span:

11-14 years

5-Anatolian shepherd mixed with Siberian Husky

Husky is friendly, and no one is a stranger to Husky and is a working dog but less than the Anatolian Shepherd. It’s used for pulling light loads and is a dignified and fastidious pup with medium size. It’s amiable and sometimes aggressive. It’s an innate watchdog and bred to chase other small animals.

Siberian Husky is a better listener and more playful than an Anatolian shepherd with kids and other family members and strangers.

Mixing a Husky with Anatolian Shepherd will result in a hybrid doggie with high intelligence and loving-natured Anatolian Shepherd mix that will be confident, having a highly muscular massive body.


It requires little grooming because of its small fur.

Not much information is known about this type of Anatolian Shepherd mix breed.


Anatolian Shepherd mix breeding is the same as mixing other breeds that combine the traits of two or many breeds in one mix breed. And it takes years to get a purebred from a mixed breed, and the outcome of this endeavour is not always favourable. Mixing Anatolian Shepherd with other breeds may result in better breeds than Anatolian Shepherd, but this is not always successful. There is a scarcity of information about Anatolian shepherd mix breeding on different search engines.

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